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11.11 Power Portal Light Transmission
A Galactic Journey to the Stars 


The date of wonders for a new perspective of your multidimensional being.

*Light Transmission *Meditation *Light Language

*Sound Healing *Movement

Beloved Soul Star Family,

it is time for our next galactic journey to the stars. The spaceship is ready to bring you high on the most powerful portal day 11.11.21. The date of wonders opens up new perspective of your multidimensional being. We will activate your rainbow light body and give you access to higher divine realms of your eternal being trough the Council of Light and the Star Beings of our Universe.

In this journey you will receive stronger divine guidance, experience multidimensional healing and have more access to spiritual teachings. Do you long to strengthen your healing powers and express yourself through light languages, creation power and light transmissions? This portal activation  gives you the opportunity to strengthen your channel and dive deep into your cosmic universe soul. We are called to birth heaven on earth and to manifest even more the new light  of the 5. Dimension expression.


We are delighted to realign you with your starlight essence of your eternal soul in collaboration with the Galactic Council of Light and the Ascended Masters of our Galaxy. We are the Council of Light and we speak to you from a place of higher love. We are here to remind you how to awaken your inner paradise and how to manifest it. Remember the sacred being that you are and choose to live from your highest timelines to heal, re- create and celebrate your eternal existence. You are a Golden Temple. Living from the higher divine intention creates abundance and blessings for you and for all beings on Earth and beyond!

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11.11 Power Portal

Thursday, November 11th, 2021
Berlin (CET): 04:00 PM – 06:00 PM

Bali (CIT):  10:00 PM – 00.00 PM
New York (EST): 10:00 AM –12:00 AM

Energetic exchange: 

Zoom Meeting - 33 €

Live Ceremony - 40 €


You will receive the link to Zoom by email the night before.

We will meet online via Zoom or you can also join the ceremony live on the island. Please apply for this wish with an extra email to!


Terms & Conditions

Buy the ticket via Eventbrite

to attend the ceremony via Zoom: 

We also welcome you for a deeper Journey of a 6 weeks “ Multidimensional Healing & Awakening course” beginning on Nov. 21-Dec.21., where we meet ones a week online for a masterclass light transmission and new light teachings.

Apply  now!

The digital recording of the transmission can also be purchased afterwards at

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