Awaken your Inner Healer

The Archetype of Mary Magdalene - Spiritual Healer Training 
The Chettinad, Ibiza | June 08-15, 2019

Allow yourself to receive love and attract loving experiences every day of your beautiful life. We are all spiritual beings who make a human experience on earth. And still, we all have access to higher dimensions, consciousness and divine love. By devoting ourselves to the Higher Self and the light within us, we can discover our healing powers. The focus in this work is on the heart and crown chakra. Through guided healing meditation, consciousness work, breathing techniques, and yoga, you will open up to new energies and divine love. Through an initiation into the divine space you will get deeper access to the source and learn to draw from it. You will learn tools and techniques to activate and use your energetic healing powers. This subtle healing art gives you a whole new quality of spiritual self-awareness and power that will open wonderful doors for you and bring light, love and fulfilment into your life. Mary Magdalene is the wife of Yeshua and an initiate of the goddess Isis, a great healer and priestess. She is our source of inspiration and patron for this divine healing work. She will transmit her knowledge to you and initiate you. During this time, I serve as a medium for the Divine Power. 

This spiritual and healing energy training is an initiation into the ancient sacred knowledge of mystics, healers and priestesses from earlier times. At the same time, this knowledge is deeply connected to the new energies and knowledge of the Universe, which has been available to us since 2010. We will create a divine space of healing, transformation and knowledge. In this space you can awaken in your feminine intuitive healing power and clairvoyance. You will become a lightworker for your life and the entire world. You will serve as an ambassador between the worlds, transmitting positive energies and bringing blessings. We will create a circle of light sisters who serve mother earth, carry ancient.

The art of healing supports all who are pure in heart and who want to open up fully to the Christus energy. This energy is the highest vibration of healing powers and is associated with the Jesus Avatar and the divine creator energy. Out of this energy, everything can transform and return to the divine source of all being. Out of this energy, we create a new world through a healed collective consciousness and liberated souls.

My vision is to train lightworkers and healers for an awakened and loving life - the new awakened people for a healed earth who will create a new paradise on earth. Last year I trained the first group of 13 women - it was a time full of miracles. Since then, Mary Magdalene has encouraged me every day to bring more sisters of light into her power. I'm looking forward to seeing you and being there for you as an earth angel who will guide you to the Light and support you in your awakening!


The retreat is for all those who want to turn towards the light and experience their self-healing powers. We will work in four modules:

  • Reconnecting to the source: Opening and initiation

  • Becoming a lightworker: Creating light awareness and light spaces, contact & healing with light beings and angels

  • Healing hands: energetic healing with hands, chakra healing and clearing

  • Soul healing: contact with your soul, spiritual & soul healing


  • 08 - 09 am  Yoga & Meditation

  • 09 - 10 am  Breakfast

  • 11 - 02 pm  Teachings

  • 02 - 03 pm  Lunch

  • 04 - 07 pm  Teachings

  • 07 - 08 pm  Dinner

All teachings will be held in German and / or English. 


An exquisitely restored 400 year old finca combines a perfect blend of both modern and traditional style, offering an ambience of comfort, tranquility and sun-drenched splendour. A peaceful heaven where the air feels pure and clean, and the view of the distant peaks piercing  through the morning mist is a perfect way to start off your day. The Chettinad is located in the hills overlooking the rural Sant Augustin valley in the south-west of the island. 


Course fee:       2400 €

A deposit of 1000€ is required to secure your spot by March 30, 2019.

The course fee includes all teachings, accommodation and a daily vegetarian brunch and dinner. 

Travel expenses are in addition to this price.

The retreat is limited to 13 women. Previous experience with energetic and spiritual work is required since the course program is quite intense. Please send an application directly to Anjuna via the form below and briefly describe your experience and motivation for this retreat. 

Terms & Conditions