The Healing Path of Love

4-day Immersion for the Sacred Feminine and Masculine

Ubud, Bali | May 13-17, 2019

Beloved Souls!
I invite you join me in celebrating the marriage of your inner divine feminine and masculine. Mary Magdalene and Sananda (the Higher Self of Christ) represent the Divine Unity of the sacred woman and sacred man and will be your spiritual guides for THE PATH OF LOVE. It is the opportunity to heal through spiritual love, supported by angelic guidance and the ascended masters of light. This healer training is an initiation into the ancient sacred wisdom of healers and priestesses. We will open the gates to receive the new light codes of the sacred creation geometry.


You will learn tools and techniques to activate and use your energetic healing powers. This subtle healing art gives you a whole new quality of spiritual self-awareness and power that will open wonderful doors for you and bring light, love and fulfilment into your life. We are all spiritual beings who make a human experience on earth. We all have access to higher dimensions, consciousness and divine love. By devoting ourselves to the Higher Self and the light within us, we can discover our healing powers. We will focus our work on the heart and crown chakra. Through guided healing meditation, consciousness work, breathing techniques, and yoga, you will open up to new energies and divine love. Through an initiation into the divine space you will get deeper access to the source and learn to draw from it.

Mary Magdalena is the divine feminine archetype, an initiate of the Goddess Isis in the ancient golden temples of Egypt. She is our source of inspiration and spiritual guide for this divine healing work. She represents pure love, innocence and the sacred wisdom of the entire universe. She comes to us from the Venus and guides us in creating a new earth. Her teachings open our hearts so we may receive beauty, grace, wisdom and magic. Sananda is the divine masculine archetype, the golden life force energy for manifestation and higher wisdom. His spirit will guide us, teach us how to channel our divine plan and manifest it on this earth. We all carry both of these archetypes within us. By creating a divine union between the divine feminine and masculine within us, we activate our twin flame, the highest vibration of light and love. Mary Magdalene and Sananda will hold us during this activation, pass their sacred ancient knowledge on to us and initiate us. The twin flame activation heals us on the deepest levels of our existence. We all carry both of these archetypes within us. It will heal the relationship to yourself and others and will uplift your inner woman and inner man into the divine unity of grace and love!

You will set the foundation to become a lightworker for your life and the entire world. You will serve as an ambassador between the worlds, transmitting positive energies and bringing blessings. We will create a circle of light sisters and brothers, who serve mother earth, carry ancient wisdom and radiate it into the world. In this immersion, you will have the opportunity to recognise and heal your own topics, while also giving healing. The immersion is for all those who want to turn towards the light and experience their self-healing powers. It is for all those who want to open their spiritual being. Ideally you have already worked energetically and spiritually for several years before you participate.

During the immersion, I will serve as a medium and channel for the Divine Power. The art of healing supports all who are pure in heart and who want to open up fully to the Christus energy. This energy is the highest vibration of healing powers and is associated with the Jesus Avatar and the divine creator energy. Out of this energy, everything can transform and return to the divine source of all being. Out of this energy, we create a new world through a healed collective consciousness and liberated souls. 


The immersion is for all those who want to turn towards the light and experience their self-healing powers. We will work in four modules:

  • Reconnecting to the source: Opening and initiation

  • Becoming a lightworker: Creating light awareness and light spaces, contact & healing with light beings and angels

  • Healing hands: energetic healing with hands, chakra healing and clearing

  • Soul healing: contact with your soul, spiritual & soul healing


  • 09am -  01 pm  Teachings

  • 01 - 03 pm        Lunch

  • 03 - 07 pm        Teachings

We have an intense program so teachings, healings and initiations will be held full day with a 2h lunch break. 

All teachings will be held in German and / or English. 

Ubud, Bali

The immersion will be held in the sacred space of Ubud, Bali. Drawing on the powerful energy of this place allows us to dive deep into clearing, transformation and activation. 

The teachings will be held in the morning and afternoon, snacks and drinks will be provided. You can enjoy lunch and dinner in one of the many café offering delicious food in Ubud. 


Course fee:       440 EUR / 495 USD / 7m IDR

The course fee includes all teachings and snacks & drinks during the day. The location will be close to Ubud center.

Accommodation and lunch and dinner will be at your own expense. Ubud offers many beautiful cafés in walking distance with a great variety of delicious and healthy food. 


The retreat is limited to 13 women and  men. Previous experience with energetic and spiritual work is required since the course program is quite intense. Please send an application directly to Anjuna via the link below and briefly describe your experience and motivation for this retreat. 

Terms & Conditions