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Yoga opens your heart and connects you to the light of your soul. Soul Light Yoga is energetically clearing and heals through deep chakra work and conscious breathing. The classes are very intuitive and always a journey into the light. 


Love, compassion, transformation, spiritual awakening, soul connection and the realisation of your soul plan are the healing powers, the new energy, that our earth needs. It is time to awaken and to live the truth of our spiritual being. But to understand how we truly are, we must first recognise our shadows and transform them into light. Abundance and freedom will come into your life when you start opening up for higher love. The connection to the cosmic divine energy and the power and wisdom of mother earth will help you to see your true self.

REALISE that the divine light manifests through you.

REALISE that it is time to embrace your shadows, transform them and let go.

REALISE that our earth can become a place of healing, love, and peace through the way of love.


I will be delighted to be your guiding earth angel on your journey towards the light and help you find answers: 

  • How do I connect with my soul?

  • What do I have to let go in order to heal and reconnect?

  • What is my purpose in this life, what is my calling on this earth?

  • How can I release karmic patterns that are causing me pain and hold me back?

  • How can I break free from negative patterns and depression to find true self-love?

  • How can I get in touch with guiding spirits for more divine guidance in my life?

Om Hari Om, 

Anjuna Saran_gold.png
"Anjuna guides you into magic worlds -
in 'real life' and in a spiritual sense."
- Alexandra
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