Isis Magdalene High Priestess Initiation of the Golden Age

Crystal Healing Retreat at Crystal Mountain on the sacred land of magical Ibiza

 SUMMER SOLSTICE, June 20-27, 2021

Beloved Priestess of the Golden Age,


I am inviting you to a wonderful week full of wonders! The teachings of Mother Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene, Lady Sarah, and the Council of Light will bring illumination and deep healing on all levels. This intense training will activate your healing powers, your clairvoyance, and your divine channel in order to operate as a messenger of the crystalline-golden angelic realms. 

Many initiations are waiting for you to activate the Golden Light Temple within you, so you can flow in abundance and bliss through your life. 


We will teach Healing Arts, Womb Blessing, Ceremonies, and Sacred Rituals through the Spirit of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Lady Sarah Tamar, and the Goddess Council of Goddess Tanith, Goddess Ishtar, Goddess Isis/ Ishtar. You can use these initiations for your self-healing, Mother Earth, or for your clients. This Initiation into the Christ Lineage Healing Arts is something that you can add to any healing work which you are already doing. It's free from any religion. We are connecting with the Source and it's only a pure spiritual-energetic connection we are creating to the original cosmic Christ powers.


This advanced training is for all the divine sisters, who have the calling to follow the path of unconditional love, to be a sacred lightkeeper for this sacred life. To anchor divinity into this Sacred Earth and to unify with the goddess essence of infinite love. To activate your divine power even more in order to live from the highest timelines of your divine purpose and to create from a place of divine sacred wisdom of your ancient soul.

You are called to enter your eternal light in order to shine the goddess light on Earth and beyond. To bring the Goddess back into your life, into everyone's life, and to honor Her presence in every moment. You are called to celebrate your and her essence in everyday rituals through the consciousness of the divine sacred union. The divine marriage is waiting for you for your holiness and the diamond uniqueness of your entire existence. The holy grail is within you and you are so sacred, beloved goddess sister. Remember who you are and merge with your soul essence and cosmic intelligence.


We are called to come together to activate the Golden Temples of Isis and the Holy Grail of Sarah and Mary Magdalene. We are called to share our gifts in order to support each other and to create a strong union of lightworkers, keepers, healers, divine artists, magicians, and so on. We are called to become a pure light channel for the consciousness of the Magdalenes in order to activate the Golden Powers within us and around us. We are called to connect with our sexual magic powers to become the leader of our entire reality and to birth the golden age.


The Goddess Council is reuniting us all together in harmony and sacred beauty, to sing the songs of Mother Earth and to create the most beautiful magical space of wonders. The world needs you and you are so divinely beautiful. Revel your sacred dancer and healer and step on your magical golden throne for your golden reality to unfold.


Being in service as a High Priestess of Sophia Christ for the sacred life of all creation is your highest timeline and your greatest manifestation here and now. Being in communion with all sacred beings of the highest light is your joy and your daily celebration. Living your highest divine purpose in order to bless this Earth and humans soul is your pleasure.


Love & Grace 

Anjuna Saran Magdalena


Initiation into the High Priestess of the Golden Age - Advanced Training

  • Deep Initiations into the Healing Arts of the Divine Feminine Energies working with the Spirit of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Lady Sarah Tamar, and the Goddess Council of Goddess Tanith, Goddess Ishtar, Goddess Isis/ Ishtar

  • Embody the Sacred Divine Feminine Healer & High Priestess of the Golden Age

  • Energy Reading, Spiritual Healing, Channeling, Light Language, Sound Healing, Crystals, Oil Anointing and Sacred Water Purification.

  • Visiting sacred sites to connect with the power of the island, grounding, and integration. 

Teachings, Activations, and Initiations from 9 AM to 2 PM 

Lunch: 2 - 3 PM at Crystal Mountain 

Sunset meditations, Sound Healing and sharings from 5.30 PM to 8 PM 


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You have attended a spiritual/energetic/priestess training with Anjuna prior to this

You already work as an energy healer, have a strong personal practice, or have special gifts

Share your motivation to join this retreat describing your spiritual practice and your intention for this training (in the registration form below)



Summer Solstice 20.06. - 27.06. 2021

Opening: 20.06., afternoon 2 - 6pm

Closing: 27.06. evening

 *Please arrive a day before and leave after the 27.06!
*Minimum of 10 participants to hold the training

Crystal Mountain is a magical place in the hills of Ibiza, close to Benirràs, Sant Miquel, and Sant Lorenç. A highly vibrant place, full of Crystals where we can tune easily into the highest frequency of our angelic self. We will work with crystals and oils and many beautiful rituals to create a spiritual current of Golden Light. This gathering will be a magical ceremony connecting us with many other amazing healers and light priestesses in order to weave a network of Golden Light.



1.400 EUR Early Bird Price until May 15th, 2021 

1.800 EUR Full Price after May 15th, 2021

The course fee includes:

All teachings and lunch

The course fee does not include: 

Accommodation, flights, or other transportation, other meals
A car needs to be rented and can be shared with other sisters. 

(Bookings.com, AirBnb.com, HotelsCombined.com are good options to find accommodation that suits your needs, and DoYouSpain.com is a great resource to rent a car.)

Terms & Conditions

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Thank you for sharing!

Please fill out the registration form below and take your time to answer the four questions about your spiritual practice. After your request has been reviewed, you will receive an email with the details on how to proceed with the registration process.