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The Golden Equinox Light Transmission & Workshop:

Golden Creation & New Mayan Codes

March 19 - 21, 2021 
Live from Tulum, Mexico via Zoom

Beloved soul,

I welcome your beautiful golden soul, on the golden spaceship for your golden galactic future. This workshop will create your golden template for the next golden decade. I arrived to Tulum, Mexico mid January, and since then I'm working with Mayan Energy every day, and I am happy to offer you the new codes of these powerful beings on Equinox.


Equinox is the time where we connect with the Golden Christ light, as the Mayan saying „ Krystos“ the golden sun of creation. The Christ light energy is based in the Mayan spiritual culture and also in Atlantis. All of this is related and wants to be reconnected with its original frequency and teachings.


We are the golden sun.

We are the golden light.

We are pure Christ consciousness.

We are a golden soul family.

We are the Source.

We are the creator of the golden age.


I offer you 2 days of intense activation workshop as a powerful preparation for the Equinox Light Transmission on February 21st. In these energetic powerful days we will connect you with your golden superpowers of creation: the golden cosmic christ light and the new codes of the cosmic Mayans.


You will receive:

·       powerful clearing of your solar plexus, a release of karmic distractions

·       golden sun activation through the Krystos Energy 

·       teachings how to create a golden template to manifest your divine plan

·       light transmission of the golden rainbow Mayan codes

·       on Equinox we go all together through the Golden Gate of Creation and manifest our new golden age future.


Sending love & gratitude!

Anjuna Saran Magdalena

lightlanguage 3b.jpg
3 days of Golden Creation & New Mayan Codes

You are invited on the golden spaceship to co-create for your golden galactic future. This workshop will create your golden template for the next golden decade!













The 3 days include the following: 

 TWO DAYS of Golden Creation & New Mayan Codes Workshop
Friday & Sunday, March 19 & 21, 2021
4,5 hours per day

*recordings available


ONE DAY - Golden Equinox Light Transmission
Saturday, March 20, 2021

1.5 hour long transmission

*recording available

You are now able to purchase this light transmission and workshop with golden manifestation for the next ten years!
COST: 180 EUR 



Buy Equinox Light Transmission only!
20 March 2021

Energy exchange: 33 EUR (if not possible,

a donation is accepted)



Terms & Conditions

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