Mary Magdalene 

Discover the mystery of the Rose Lineage

Mapay Retreat Center, France | October 04-11, 2019


I invite you to join me on a magical Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage in the beautiful South France. She is calling us home, to connect with her on every level of our being! This sacred woman retreat will open the space for the mystery of the Rose Lineage, give you a transmission of the healing and teachings of Mary Magdalene and open your soul and body for the beautiful love of the divine mother.

You will connect deeper with our soul power and all aspects of the sacred feminine within you– the holy, the magic and the wild aspects with. By uncovering all of those aspects you will experience deep healing and activation. 


We will embark on a beautiful inner healing journey, discover the sacred land where Maria Magdalene was teaching as a high priestess of light and love and receive the magic and wisdom of ancient times.

We will practice dance, yoga and meditation to open our mind, body and spirit for the Christ light, healing and opening for more magic in our life so we may create a new earth.


We will celebrate powerful light rituals and ceremonies in the magical nature of this land and the very spots Mary Magdalene lived and prayed.

I am opening 13 spots for women on this Divine Healing Retreat, a feminine council of light and love for the new earth, for a new life of peace, love and harmony. If you have the call to connect deeper with the Rose Lineage and soul path of love through Mary Magdalene, if you feel to support humanity in rising, if you feel you are ready to upgrade your being into a starlight being and live a life in divine beauty and abundance – join me on this magical journey. The golden temple of Goddess Isis and her High Priestesses Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary are waiting for you.


The Mapay Retreat Centre is located outside the Village of Bugarach, in the foothills of the Pyrenees in Southern France. This area is ripe with legends of the life of Mary Magdalene, who, as the story goes, built a community here in this valley after fleeing persecution in Jerusalem. The Bugarach mountain has been excavated in search of her body and sacred relics. The area is also written about in Anna, The Voice of the Magdalenes.

Pilgrims come here from all over the world in search of truth, and uncovering the true history or Herstory. All we know is what we feel here, that her energy of unconditional love is still here, beyond time and space. Her legend has woven its way through the landscape like a river carving through rock, a myth with soul more true than any historians account.


There will be plenty of opportunities for trips to the beautiful sacred places of this land:

  • Rennes-Le-Chateau and Magdelene Tower - 20 min drive.

  • The Montségur Mountain - the 12th earth gate for the Universal Energie - 1h drive

  • Mary Magdalena Caves - 3 h drive

  • Hot Springs and healing waters of Rennes-Les-Bains - 20 min drive

  • Trekking Mount Bugarach - a three hour round trip walking from the village

  • Bugarch Village - 10 min drive

  • Holy caves - 1hr walk from the centre.

  • River - 20 min walk from the centre

  • Fountain des Amores, Sougraine -  20 min drive.


Course fee:       1300 €
(+100€ for single room, optional stay in a Glampling Tent)

A deposit of 400€ is required to secure your spot by August 31.

The course fee includes all teachings, accommodation and three daily vegetarian meals.

Travel expenses, local transportation (car) and entry fees for locations are in addition to this price.

The retreat is limited to 13 women. 

Please make sure to book your travel to and from Toulouse so we can share rental cars to the retreat centre (2,5h drive)

Terms & Conditions

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