2018 - The year of the Venus.


2018 is the year of the Venus, the year of love, forgiveness, and fulfilment.

During this time Venus supports us with her energy. It is a year of union and cooperation. Getting together, entering into relationships, sharing and understanding are central this year. After years of transformation, we can open ourselves again for a new kind of love. It is no longer about us alone, it is about joining forces and creating a new healed earth.

The earth and its people need healing and enlightenment and this only happens through trust and forgiveness. The goddess of Venus stands for relationship, infinite love, beauty, purity and fullness. It supports all those who have decided to walk the path of love and no longer fight and exclude. A new era begins. It is time to radiate love and compassion, for ourselves and for all living beings.

Use this year to manifest your heart's desire through loving and letting go.

Om Shanti Om.
Shirin Anjuna


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