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The White Lion Consciousness
Sirius Power Portal

Royal Diamond Light Transmission live from Ibiza & via Zoom!

Portal of Empowerment for your Soul's Mission and Divine Mastery! 

The White Lion Family Light Transmission to Create Divine Heaven on Earth. 


We are your Sirius star light family, the council of the White Lion Family and we are preparing these days the most powerful Star Light Transmission from our Star System for Planet Earth. We are the White Lion Collective Consciousness of divine truth, and we are here to unleash the secrets of your divine destiny. More revelations will be unfolding for you through following your inner master of divinity. We are here for you in order to support your inner master of enlightenment. Your inner master of light can only be activated through the twin ray energies of the divine feminine and masculine. Your original Sirius Star seed will activate and realign with us. 


The new Sirius star codes will help you reconnect with your White Lion Family and your divine union within. We are here to bring the new teachings of the Sirius Consciousness through and to lead you in your enlightenment. The star council of the Sirius white flame federation is opening the portal for you on August 8th in order for you to raise your frequency into your divine mastery of true self-manifestation. 


Right now everyone is being called to step into this high frequency of divine power and truth. What are you called to manifest from your inner sacred union flame and your unique spirit of divine wisdom. The masters are called to come together in order to realign the stars with earth and to create a collective crystal diamond template for humanity, where each of you has a role and mastery to follow. 


You are called to find your seat in the spaceship of divinity and to navigate your manifestation with the Cosmic Council of Light and the White Lion Family to enter a new collective star consciousness of diamond light. Planet Earth is called to become a star and you all came here to birth this together with her, so a new galaxy can be born and you can be reborn as a star too. 


The activation of your 12 Blue Star-body is the entry to your mastery, here you are fully aligned with the moment of your birth star codes and energy. Heaven on earth can be birthed through your upgrades into your star consciousness of your star light being. 


Fly with us on our wings to the stars and back and bring our divine codes of the White Lion Family to humanity. These codes of empowerment will support you to walk your divine path of your divine destiny in grace and mastery. You are the master we have been looking for to keep the Sirius Codes of Divine Power and to create with us a new divine reality of divine truth and beauty. We have always been with you. We have created you and now it is the time to come home and to remember. Through this Light Transmission of deep remembrance of your Sirius star seed DNA, you will activate your Star Blueprint into your divine golden crystal reality of your self mastery and manifestation. Blessed it be. 


This Light Transmission is also a preparation for the 2 month Online Course of Divine Mastery and Multidimensional Healer training which will be launched in November 2021. 


May you walk your Sirius path on earth and beyond with the power and the glow of the White Lion Family. 


With Love Anjuna Saran Magdalena 


Location: Crystal Mountain Ibiza:  10.00 -11.30 am 

Contribution: €33 

!!! If you want to be there live in Ibiza, send an email to

The places in Ibiza are limited.


 Live and via Zoom, get your ticket via eventbrite.

White Lion Consciousness

You are invited to connect to the new Sirius star codeswith your White Lion Family and your divine union within.

White Lion Consciousness
Sunday, August 8th, 2021
Berlin (CET): 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Bali (CIT):  04:00 PM – 05.30 PM
New York (EST): 4:00 AM –5:30 AM

Energetic exchange:      33 €


You will receive the link to Zoom by email the night before.

Please sign up directly via the form below. 


Terms & Conditions

The digital recording of the transmission can also be purchased afterwards at

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