to connect with your Soul and Higher Self in order see who you truly are.

to live your spirituality fully in every moment of your beautiful life.

to walk with me as your guiding angel towards the light . 


I am here to support and guide you in this process as an energetic and spiritual healer, mindfulness-coach, holistic yoga teacher, and artist. My healing work is a personal healing art that evolved over many years. It is a combination of healing meditations, healing hands, rituals, prayers, chanting, dance, and yoga. I work with white shamanic energies, Christus energies, the divine mother, archangels, crystal energy and above all with your own soul power. Through energetic soul guidance I will help you to connect with your source, your intuition, creativity, and higher consciousness. My holistic healing sessions focus on light healing, body healing, transformation, and light initiations (light codes). Every session will open your heart, activate your soul power, and clear your mind. Old energies will be transformed and negative patterns released.

The lightful powers of heaven and earth guide my work. I function as a medium between the worlds, a channel for cosmic healing energy and the elemental soul of mother earth. These are energies of healing love and wisdom that transform, open up new spaces, and heal. They are connected to your inner truth and create space for your purpose in life. They will heal your karma and open you for higher wisdom. They will give you the power to reorder your life, reposition yourself and to realise your own worth and free yourself. This is where your soul is at home.


Soul Light Being is the way of the awakened humans who are highly intuitive and connected to the divine in order to serve mother earth and all humans. 


A prayer for the new earth

Africa Gathering in Sansibar, January 2018

"Anjuna guides you into magic worlds -
in 'real life' and in a spiritual sense."
- Alexandra


I have always been hopeful and believed into the eternal light that shines in all of us. Even as a child I was clairvoyant and highly sensitive to what others were thinking and feeling. I was born as the daughter of a german mother and persian father and for a long time I did not fully understand where I belong. This uprooting in my early childhood led to many years of suppressing my gifts and resisting my soul path. 

My journey of awakening began 2008 when I met my master Mari Nil. She healed, guided, and initiated me for many years and taught me the art of soul guidance. Since 2015 I am guiding others in their spiritual awakening. To help and to heal is my life’s purpose. My vision is to teach and connect light workers around the world. Together, we will create a community of light for us and mother earth. 

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  • 2000: Photography and Design Diploma, owner of Free Spirit Photography

  • 2011: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training (200h) at Spirit Yoga Berlin 

  • 2011: Kundalini Activation 11.11.11. into Aquarius Age by Gurmukh, India

  • 2012: Spiritual coaching at the Salubrious Angel School with Marie Nil 

  • 2013: Transformational healing work with Matrix Energetic Work 

  • Since 2015: Working as spiritual healer and artist in Berlin and internationally 

  • Since 2018: Sonic Love Alchemy Facilitator, Bali

International Festivals:

Huge thanks to Grit Siwonia Photography for the pictures and to the Love Keys for the music on this website