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The Sanctuary of Light
Source Consciousness of Christ Light

You are coming from the stars and having a human experience on this earth.
I am here to remind you that you are an infinite being of light made out of multidimensional consciousness. Remember who you are and always have been and always will be.

Beloved ones,


I bless you and I am delighted to share with you my transmissions and teachings from the Source of Divine Healing. My calling is to anchor the divine light of the Mother Goddess and her angels of healing into this earth plane to support the rising of Gaia and humankind. I am a divine channel, spiritual and energetic healer, mentor and artist for the new golden light of Christ consciousness. I am channeling from the divine source through beautiful light beings and masters of our universe, bringing the "paradise codes of the new Golden Eden".

My mission is to bring forth teachings of healing and enlightenment from the higher realms of divine light in order to align the soul with their purpose and truth. This process is a deep and very special journey to the library of God/Goddess and the Akashic Records. This light is revealing the truth about your existence on many levels.  It opens you towards a greater realization of who you truly are and why you came to this world. It is revealing you the truth of your divine self and your superpowers of light. This light will assist you in emboldening your divine soul. Your life will blossom in abundance and beauty as you will see through the divine eyes of oneness.


As we are asked to step into the light of our soul, we have to receive the whole picture of our existence.

Embodying the divine self and living consciously from a state of oneness is the new way of living in harmony with the stars and the earth. We have called it the 7-D reality, where we have overcome the matrix and the illusion of separation.

I am initiated into the path of the Goddess since 2012 and have been sharing this consciousness of Christ Light through many beautiful soul connections worldwide. I have been traveling the world with a mission to anchor the new Christ light in important energetic places and activated divine portals to support Gaia in her frequency of rising. I have been teaching yoga for 10 years and practicing for more than 20 years. My path opened to a powerful path of energetic and spiritual healing through my yoga practice and meditation. I was blessed to also be guided for several years by a spiritual teacher, Mari Nil in Berlin, who opened me to my spiritual self. Many years of universal study of divine healing and ascension opened up the path of the High Priestess to me.  Ancient future codes of creation and healing, based on ancient soul wisdom and starlight wisdom from the liberty of God is my light communication. I am a multidimensional healer and messenger for the New Golden Earth.

I have always believed in the eternal light that shines within each of us. Even as a child, I was clairvoyant and highly sensitive to what others are thinking and feeling. I was born as the daughter of a German mother and a Persian father - being a revolutionary child of 1979 in Iran made me a refugee.

For a long time, I didn't fully understand where I belonged. This uprooting in my early childhood led to many years of suppressing my gifts and resisting my soul path. It became a deep wounding in my inner child that turned into a great blessing as it was later recognized as a gift of healing for me.

My soul guided me on the path of deeper healing at the age of 30 and I began to dedicate my life to the path of the Goddess, the healing powers of the Divine Mother and the eternal light beings that were around her. I stopped being in service for the old system and the matrix and became a full surrender of light. I decided to create a new reality within and without where I felt whole, safe and free. A world where I create my destiny and own my powers of light.


The alchemy of love and light revealed to me by sitting in the light of Christ every day for many years, through powerful beings of light who brought the message of oneness and unconditional love to me.  My soul and body healed completely and I opened many doorways to multidimensional consciousness. I opened a self-healing path of initiations and became a student of the mystery schools of our universe.

I was blessed to experience a multidimensional activation for more than 10 years and received powerful tools to heal myself and others.


These healing powers opened portals of light to this world and offered many possibilities to grow into a strong cosmic human being on earth. In 2018 I was called to create my own Mystery School of Miracles "The Sanctuary of Light", guided by many Angels of Healing, Ascended Masters and the divine Mother Goddess. This school is now supporting others to step into their divine leadership.


As a woman, I had to go through many interesting processes of revealing my potential and healing from all the woundings around the suppression of the feminine. So I felt the calling, especially to support women in their empowerment into priestesses and healers of light for this world. The divine feminine energy is the key to heal this world from all ideas of separation. It is uniting and embracing the soul and the body in the light of unconditional love and divine truth. But of course I am also serving all human souls who have the calling to expand into more freedom and expansion within themselves. I am especially sharing the codes of Sacred Union that include the healing of the divine feminine and masculine.


I am in service as a cosmic midwife for man, women, children, animals and souls who need support to remember that they are held and loved by the divine mother and father. I am a gatekeeper of the Christ light for Mother Earth and a priestess of Isis and Mary Magdalene.


My name "Anjuna" is a spiritual name given to me many years ago from my soul in a meditation. She is a higher expression of my self, a goddess in the universe who sings for harmony and balance and brings through the light of abundance and love. "Saraya", my 2nd name, is the vibration of consciousness where my soul is coming from, the " Light of Unity" held in the Universe by the Ascended Master Lady Sara. My Service of Light is for all humans who wish to receive guidance about their divine soul and how to embody this light. Those who would like to expand into their higher heart of light.


I am offering mentorship in 1.1 sessions for spiritual growth on this earth and beyond. I am leading spiritual retreats and trainings to support those who wish to develop their spiritual gifts of healing and creation, guiding the new spiritual teachers, healers and leaders of the Golden Age. As a High Priestess of Light, I am happy to offer "Blessing Ceremonies" for beautiful, meaningful celebrations.

Spiritual Consulting or Spiritual Midwife / Star Baby Birth Assistance.


All my blessings,

Anjuna Ma Saraya & the Council of Light




  • 2000: Photography and Design Diploma, owner of Free Spirit Photography

  • 2011: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training (200h) at Spirit Yoga Berlin 

  • 2011: Kundalini Activation 11.11.11. into Aquarius Age by Gurmukh, India

  • 2012: Spiritual coaching at the Salubrious Angel School with Marie Nil 

  • 2013: Transformational healing work with Matrix Energetic Work 

  • Since 2015: Working as a spiritual healer and artist in Berlin and internationally 

  • Since 2018: Sonic Love Alchemy / Sound Healer /Facilitator, Bali

  • Since 2018: Divine Channel of the Mysteries of the “ Divine Feminine”- the Path of The Rose

  • Since 2018: Founder of the Mystery School of Miracles “ The Sanctuary of Light” - New Christ Light Consciousness 

  • Since 2020: Based in Ibiza, Bali, France & Egypt, in service as a High Priestess of Isis

  • Since 2020: Sacred Tempel Initiations Egypt - Gold Light Teachings of the Goddess

  • Since 2021: Channel of Jesus Sananda and the universal Council of Light.

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