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Heart Temple

The temple of the hearts is a temple where we are called to connect deeper with the truth of yourself. We are called to feel who we truly are.

This temple space is opening the heart so deep that you can clear and empty yourself from any attachments and misguidance. The beings who are holding the energy of divine love and divine truth will assist you to heal your heart and soul in a way that you will experience a deeper understanding of what love is.

They are activating your heart soul connection to all beings so you can feel and understand the consciousness of creation. The keepers of the temple of the hearts will  also improve your intention and help you to clarify your path of love. If you are looking for a path of unconditional love and feel connected to higher love through the wisdom of your soul, this will be your place to sit, meditate and to receive. Your heart will open to the wisdom of your soul and you will meet the universe's insight of you. may you be protected and held by the light of the angels of love.

So be it.

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