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Star Temple

We are welcoming you beloved one to the Sanctuary of Diamond Soul.


The Temple of the stars is a sanctuary of divine light which holds the light of enlightenment and higher wisdom. Here you meet all the beautiful star beings of the light who support the soul to rise through star light frequency. Your star light body will be activated and your universe DNA. This contains the wisdom of the universe and the diamond golden ray of Christ to remember your cosmic identity.

The temple of the Soul Star will offer you beautiful insight about your intergalactic mission and how it is related to your human being on earth.

Here you will receive spiritual teaching, healing, ascension codes and connection to your higher spirit guides and your multidimensional soul.

Your soul will heal in a higher way and will connect to other dimensions and galaxies in order to study the creation codes of source.

The star beings and ascended masters are here for you to assist you in your spiritual growth and ascension in order to step out of the matrix and the concept of separation. Deeper healing and awakening of your soul will reveal and you will shine radiant like a diamond.The return to source consciousness  will unfold and the light of union will take place in your life. May you be protected and held by the light of the star beings of christ. So be it.

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