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7 Temples of Christ

The New Year 2023 is coming with the frequency of 3 and that is always a powerful energy of TRINITY. It creates the consciousness of it all, the divine feminine, the masculine and the cosmic child. Together they are holding space for the new world frequency within and without. They are creating a portal of truth and love. In this light of Union, we are called to step into our full potential and operate through the consciousness of our divine Oversoul. The Oversoul is connected to all souls who are following the divine plan of the Trinity of Light, from where we basically birthing the new Christ consciousness together. The new Christ of Light is free from all imprints, ideas or manipulations of society or religion. It is the essence of your soul, the free energy from the Central Sun of Creation, the Source itself. Christ is unconditional love and higher wisdom through the ray of golden diamond light that supports you to live from a place of abundance and oneness.


On my 7-month "Temple of Christ Light" journey through Morocco, Egypt, Jerusalem, Bali, Ibiza and the South of France, I am called to open portals of the Trinity Light of the New Christ and anchor it deeply in the Earth. I am aligning the secrets of the stars with the dragon lines of the earth and will offer these codes to the community. The Dragon Ley Line is a golden network of Christ Consciousness that connects certain temples and mountains to the Star Alliance of our

Universe. They hold the space for Gaia to grow into a higher frequency and they are protecting the Grail and the codes of Eden. These codes of the Golden Grail - Heaven on Earth manifestation is a gift for you to connect more deeply with the wisdom and truth of your soul and your mission. Each country will unfold its beautiful secrets of light and your soul will remember.

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