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The Priestess Woman Rose Sanctuary 

The divine feminine Retreat in South of France July 21- 29th 2023


Mary Magdalene Priestess & Healer Initiation - The Art of Spiritual Healing and Creation.


Soul & Womb healing/ activation / illumination/ ascension & embodiment of the divine feminine.

Celebrating the Birthday of Mary Magdalene on July 22. on her holy land.

Mary Magdalene is calling us in to connect with our beautiful divine heart and womb in order to empower our sacred light within and without. We are opening to our sacred golden womb as a gateway to our inner heaven on earth, birthing our Eden of Light.


Mary Magdalene calls us on the female way of enlightenment. She offers us her loving embrace so that we may recover from the female wounds. She asks us to reclaim our power and to walk the way of our soul. This power is soft,  strong, intuitive, consistent, free and dedicated.

She welcomes you into the priestesshood of the rose. You are her beloved Sister. She prays for you to live fiercely with the wisdom of your heart.


Reconnect yourself with a light that shines unconditional on every life form, every being. Sit in this light and embody it. To be of service to humanity and our beloved great mother earth. Remember who you are and always have been. Blessed it be.

The Soul of Egypt * Gods and Goddesses of Kemet
The Divine Union Retreat 2023
Golden Temple & Nile Journey with the Sacred Lotus Dahabeya
February 15-24. & 
Sirius Portal Activation 23.02.23 by the Sphinx

I would like to invite you to open the gateway to the stars through the eyes of the Goddess Isis & Osiris, Hathor & Horus, Akhenaten & Nefertiti, Mary Magdalene & Yeshua and the Lion Goddess Sekhmet. The union of the divine feminine and the divine masculine is our mission on this sacred journey of deep soul initiation.

This divine union within reflects the marriage of heaven and earth, which is our true human spirit nature, destiny and fate.


Along the Nile we will sail on the beautiful, luxurious, sacred Lotus Dahabeya in the golden light of love and abundance, listen to the songs of the Goddess of the Nile, named Nut, and surrender to the wisdom of the stars. The Nile is the reflection of the Milky Way and a powerful portal to reach the spirit of your soul. You will have time to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature and connect in sacred sister & brotherhood. We will have beautiful meditation circles, light transmissions, sacred dance and sound healing journeys. You will receive a holistic program for your soul, mind, body and spirit.


The Gods & Goddesses of Kemet are calling us home, to the Motherland of Humankind. They are the key to our new world of light manifestation.

The new Christ Consciousness, the very first light of our soul connected to Sirius, is waiting to be awakened to fulfill your soul's destiny.


High Priestess of the Soul
Advanced Spiritual Training in Ibiza

14 - 22. October, 2022

The world needs the unity of the Lightworkers more than ever, and we are called to activate the powerful angelic Rainbow Lightbody to transmit the Light of Source to this planet and beyond. Our future is about "Union" and reconnection with Source, bringing spirit and matter together, and building community for the highest good of all. Infusing matter with angelic presence to manifest heaven on earth is our collective soul calling! This course offers a deeper awakening of soul calling to support the collective ascension into the new light consciousness of COSMIC HUMANITY.

We will open to the teachings of Sirius, Venus, Pleiadians and Acturians and connect with the great masters of healing, ascension and creation to help our planet rise in love.

Our guides will be the Goddess Isis, Ishtar, Hathor, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Lady Sarah, Jesus Sananda and Lady Nada. We will open to the mystery of the Archangels and the beauty and blessings of the Divine Mother herself, Sophia, the Christ. 


This training will give you the opportunity to dive deep into your divine abilities of healing art, channeling, light language and light code activation.

Here you will learn how to open, how to receive, how to translate, and how to hold a safe space for your own ascension and divine embodiment, also for groups and for "one by one" sessions. With this training you will achieve higher skills for your own deeper spiritual awakening and expansion, or to strengthen your skills as a spiritual coach and healer. This training is also perfect for facilitators who hold ceremonies to assist humanity in its rising.

The Magdalene Priestess Codes * The Cosmic Rose Pilgrim

The Path of the Goddess Retreat, South of France
02 - 06 of September, 2022

We are so delighted to announce our beautiful sacred gathering in the land of Mary Magdalene in South of France, in Rennes-le-Château and Bugarach.

This holy land is full of secrets and beautiful energy of the divine feminine and the path of the Goddess. Mary-Magdalena lived there many years with her daughter Sarah and worshipped Isis and Ishtar. Together with Mother Mary, she came all the way from Jerusalem to begin a new life. She was teaching in many places in Europe and created the secret community of the White Sisterhood. Her teachings were all about the red and the white path of the goddess, which involves the higher consciousness awakening of the soul, healing abilities and the embodiment of the divine feminine powers.

South of France was one of the powerful places were she lived for many years. This land is hold by a rose crystal dragon who supported her in many ways to anchor her light.
It is also the land of the Holy Grail and the Cathar knights, which came with her from Jerusalem to protect her and the Christ Grail. We will walk again her path and collect her wisdom through the land and through her spirit as our ancestors and ascended master.

We will create beautiful crystal rose codes ceremonies in the hidden cave of Mary Magdalene, and powerful activations through Goddess Isis, who was  worshipped on this sacred land. You will receive water blessings in the wonderful sacred "Fountain of the Loves" and will contact with the secrets of its spirit.

This gathering is for everyone who feels the call to dive deeper into the essence of the divine feminine and has a warm connection to the rose linage.

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The Essence of Soul
The Light of Sinai - Desert Initiation / Retreat

09 May - 18 May, 2022

I would like to invite you on a magical journey to Egypt on the Mount Sinai, where, it is said, the true magicians and healers lived “ The Essenes “, the Tribe of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. This place is truly mystical and powerful and transfers a lot of ancient wisdom for a deep soul awakening.

I have been guided by the sacred union energy of Mary & Yeshua to bring a group to Sinai in order to awaken the true light of the cosmic human, the new Christ Consciousness. This year 2022 will be the most powerful time for us to unite under the full moon and the stars at the top of Moses’ Mountain, where Archangel Gabriel gave him the 10 Commandments.

On this spiritual awakening journey, you are called to follow the master teachings of the divine feminine and masculine, the true power initiation of sacred union and the marriage with your divine higher self and your human self.

The White Serpent Consciousness is the pure energy of the Holy Spirit. It is when you feel the I AM presence of your divine self in union with God/Goddess heart and spirit. You will be opening for a higher soul alignment and self mastery.

This year is the year of Union where we are asked to co-create with heaven and earth, were we have all the divine support of the Ascended Masters and angels to breakthrough the old system of beliefs in order to find a deeper and clearer connection to our essence.

In ancient times, people went to the desert to find peace and answers for their sacred path of the heart. It is well known as Vision or Soul Quest. The  pure spirit of the desert, the mountains and the Red Sea is already a wonderful initiation into the sacredness of our soul. The 4 elements of nature will open for us a door to the universal soul and will teach us how to hold this magic in our lives. The earth, water, air and the fire will be our spirit guides to manifest our divinity into matter.

Mother Goddess and Father God will bless us with heavenly grace and will guide us with pure divine light of pure cosmic spirt of all creation on our path of enlightenment!

Intergalactic Masterclass / Training
The Avatar of Light - Multidimensional Activation & Creation 
*Module 2

Online | 20 February - 20 March, 2022 

I am pleased to officially announce a new episode of the next Intergalactic Master Class, an initiation into the Avatar of Light. This is a powerful ascension work which will assist your soul to expand into the new Christ Consciousness.


The world needs the unity of light workers more than ever before and we are called to activate the powerful angelic rainbow light body to transmit the light of Source to this planet and beyond. The 2. module offers you a deeper Soul Star awakening and gives you the opportunity to create from a multidimensional consciousness with the star beings and the Council of Light.


We are happy to open new gateways of creative power for your own spiritual growth and for greater co-creation with other beautiful souls. Our future is about "Union" and reconnection with Source, bringing spirit and matter together, and building community for the highest good of all. Infusing matter with angelic presence to manifest heaven on earth is our collective soul calling! This course offers a deeper awakening of soul purpose to assist the collective rising into the new light consciousness of TRANS-HUMANITY or COSMIC - HUMANITY.

This course gives you the opportunity to strengthen your channel and dive deep into your cosmic universe soul, in alignment with the star being of our universe.

Have you always felt that there is more for you to do than follow your personal growth and desire, that there is a greater purpose to fulfill, a divine mission?

Cosmic Star Family8.jpg

Intergalactic Masterclass / Training
Multidimensional Healing & Awakening *Module 1

Giving Birth to Your 5-D Reality

Online | 21 November - 21 December, 2021 

It is time to connect deeply with the cosmos, with your soul star family in order to remember your unique light and essence and to activate your divine plan and multidimensional healing powers. We are delighted to realign you with your starlight essence of your eternal soul in collaboration with the Galactic Council of Light and the Ascended Masters of our Galaxy. 

This course gives you the opportunity to strengthen your channel and dive deep into your cosmic universe soul, in alignment with the star being of our universe.

Have you always felt that there is more for you to do than follow your personal growth and desire, that there is a greater purpose to fulfill, a divine mission?

Do you hear the calling of your soul to discover your multidimensional essence? This journey will connect you more deeply with the star beings of our universe to receive stronger divine guidance, experience multidimensional healing and have more access to spiritual teachings. Do you long to strengthen your healing powers and express yourself through light languages, creation power and light code transmission?

We will work intensively with many different star beings of light to expand into our eternal light consciousness of our true essence. 

You will learn how to channel and integrate the new Aquarian codes and technologies for your sacred life as a fully awakened being in divine abundance.

As these light codes are received on Earth and integrated into the higher levels of consciousness, they will assist you in manifesting the New Earth.  It will be easier for you to find creative solutions and high frequency answers to any problems that may arise in your life or environment.  

Divine Lovers, Mary Magdalene & Jesus Sananda

The Holy Grail Retreat:
Activation of the Christ Blueprint of Divine Union 

SOUTH OF FRANCE  Centre Les Labadous, September 03-08, 2021

We are opening a portal of Divine Love & Wisdom in the South of France on the Holy Grail Land. This sacred land of the Magdalene light has its own mystery and powers to connect more deeply with the divine light and teachings of the Holy Grail. 


Do you feel a deep longing to connect with the energy of the Holy Grail and is there a memory of knowing this frequency? Do you feel a connection to past lives related to this mystery? Do you feel Mary Magdalene and Jesus as your divine guides to enter into deeper wisdom and healing for your being?Well, then it is time to follow your soul's guidance into the heavenly consciousness of your divine truth and divine power of love.

Mary Magdalene lived for many years in the south of France with her daughter Sara Tamar and mother Mary after she left Jerusalem, and she taught as a high priestess and healer with the Christ codes and the wisdom of love. We find many places in this land where you can feel her spirit around you. The mission of the crusader was to secure the wisdom of the Holy Grail after they brought it from Jerusalem to Avalon to France. They have protected the Holy Family and the secrets surrounding the Grail Light for many hundreds of years. There is a castle called Monsegur where they have concealed the Grail and treated it as a pure portal of Chris Consciousness. So what is this Holy Grail all about?

There are many stories about the Holy Grail in the world, and some may be true, some may not, but there is only one truth, that the Holy Grail is a divine consciousness of the Christ Light within you, which gives you access to a deeper understanding of what it means to be in a state of samadhi in full union with God. This state of being gives you full access to your divine potential.


The Golden Sacred Union Retreat
The new Queen & King Initiation of the Golden Age  
The two pearls of Egypt Siwa& Nubia

Egypt | April 17th - 29th, 2021

The new paradigm wants to be ruled by the real queen and king, those who have the heart wide open for the divine truth and love. During this beautiful sacred Egypt journey, you will receive the divine codes of the Sacred Queen & King Initiation.

Through you, we have a real chance to change something really profound on this planet. Through you, the new divine union codes of the queen and king of the new age will be anchored into the earth and into the human hearts.

This sacred journey of initiation is not only a journey for your own development, it's for those who are standing up to raise the frequency on this planet and feel to calling to be in service for the divine mother and father of all creation. This special journey opens many secrets sited for us where you will come in contact with the beautiful magic of ancient times, where the queen and kings shared their divine gifts and wisdom.


With you, we can move the old energetic field of power and plant a new star seed of hope and love into the collective. The new queen and king want to be activated in all of us, as we can return back in unity and unconditional love for each other and heal all aspects of separation and judgments in the collective. We will melt into the one loving heart of all creation and open through this deep soul/ heart opener the tempers of abundance and true love of Gaya!

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