Mystery School of Miracles:

New Earth Healer &

Light Priestess Training

Initiation into the White Sisterhood of Mary Magdalene 

& Temple Healing Arts of Goddess Isis

4-week Online Level 1 Training in June 
10-day immersion in Ibiza, Spain in October

The Light Priestess and Healer Training is designed to reactivate your healing powers and skills so you may become a divine channel of light for the new earth and humanity, anchoring the divine light into the hearts of those around you.


As a Light Priestess and Healer, you learn to step aside from your ego, emotions and patterns in order to let the divine mother and light beings work through you. More and more will take full ownership and responsibility for your healing powers with the intention to bring the light through you. 


The training will help you to reconnect with your divine truth and to develop the confidence to share your truth with the world. You will liberate your soul and experience your infinite potential. You will become a healing artist, expressing your divine individuality for the highest good of the earth. 

Back to the Origin

Ancestral Retreat with Momo Lorenzo & Anjuna Saran

Berlin Brandenburg | Dates TBC

Heal your ancestral lineage - align with the light grid of the Earth - become a cosmic human and guardian of the New Earth. 

We invite you to take part in a unique healing experience, in which the wisdom of the most preserved indigenous culture will meet the wisdom of the Ancient Continent. You will reach the temple of your soul, heal your ancestral lineage and clean your territory, to align fully with your heart and the light grid of the Earth. You become a cosmic human guardian of the New Earth.

Back to the Origin is the retreat from Mamo Lorenzo Seuny Izquierdo, spiritual leader from the Arhuaco people coming from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. These sacred mountains located on the Caribbean coast are called the heart of the World because of the wisdom they keep. The retreat is taking place for the first time in Europe and Anjuna Saran is joining us with her lightful sacred body work and angelic wisdom, embodying the goddess energy for the masculine and feminine energies to unite in one solid bright force.