Crystallized: The Essence of your Soul
The new crystalline Soul Codes for Humanity

Living the 5th dimension on earth & finding the alignment with your future self

October 5th - 10th, 2020 | 11 AM – 2 PM (CET) | via Zoom

The new Crystalline Soul Codes of Humanity are waiting to be received in order to create a crystal grid for our New Earth in synchronization with our galaxy. Our galaxy is turning into a new energy of divine harmony. The old cycle of the old paradigm of humanity will close and a new crystal light will enter our planet and our hearts.

The new Golden Age is arising and all souls are called to connect with its original crystalline frequency of the universal creative powers. The clear and pure frequency of crystals has the right power to move you between time and space in such a lightness and clarity so your soul purpose can unfold very easily. When your heart is becoming a rose crystal you are in synchronization of the one loving cosmic heart of all existence. We open for the crystalline structure of your soul in order to bring you back into harmony and realignment with your super soul and all souls.

Mystery School of Miracles:

New Earth Healer & Light Priestess Advanced Training

Initiation into the White Sisterhood  of

Mary Magdalene & Temple Healing Arts of Goddess Isis

10-day advanced level immersion in Ibiza, Spain

October 24th - November 2nd, 2020

The Light Priestess and Healer Training is designed to reactivate your healing powers and skills so you may become a divine channel of light for the new earth and humanity, anchoring the divine light into the hearts of those around you.


As a Light Priestess and Healer, you learn to step aside from your ego, emotions and patterns in order to let the divine mother and light beings work through you. More and more will take full ownership and responsibility for your healing powers with the intention to bring the light through you. 


The training will help you to reconnect with your divine truth and to develop the confidence to share your truth with the world. You will liberate your soul and experience your infinite potential. You will become a healing artist, expressing your divine individuality for the highest good of the earth. 

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