Divine Lovers, Mary Magdalene & Jesus Sananda

The Holy Grail Retreat:
Activation of the Christ Blueprint of Divine Union 

SOUTH OF FRANCE  Centre Les Labadous, September 03-08, 2021

We are opening a portal of Divine Love & Wisdom in the South of France on the Holy Grail Land. This sacred land of the Magdalene light has its own mystery and powers to connect more deeply with the divine light and teachings of the Holy Grail. 


Do you feel a deep longing to connect with the energy of the Holy Grail and is there a memory of knowing this frequency? Do you feel a connection to past lives related to this mystery? Do you feel Mary Magdalene and Jesus as your divine guides to enter into deeper wisdom and healing for your being?Well, then it is time to follow your soul's guidance into the heavenly consciousness of your divine truth and divine power of love.

Mary Magdalene lived for many years in the south of France with her daughter Sara Tamar and mother Mary after she left Jerusalem, and she taught as a high priestess and healer with the Christ codes and the wisdom of love. We find many places in this land where you can feel her spirit around you. The mission of the crusader was to secure the wisdom of the Holy Grail after they brought it from Jerusalem to Avalon to France. They have protected the Holy Family and the secrets surrounding the Grail Light for many hundreds of years. There is a castle called Monsegur where they have concealed the Grail and treated it as a pure portal of Chris Consciousness. So what is this Holy Grail all about?

There are many stories about the Holy Grail in the world, and some may be true, some may not, but there is only one truth, that the Holy Grail is a divine consciousness of the Christ Light within you, which gives you access to a deeper understanding of what it means to be in a state of samadhi in full union with God. This state of being gives you full access to your divine potential.


The Golden Sacred Union Retreat
The new Queen & King Initiation of the Golden Age  
The two pearls of Egypt Siwa& Nubia

Egypt | April 17th - 29th, 2021

The new paradigm wants to be ruled by the real queen and king, those who have the heart wide open for the divine truth and love. During this beautiful sacred Egypt journey, you will receive the divine codes of the Sacred Queen & King Initiation.

Through you, we have a real chance to change something really profound on this planet. Through you, the new divine union codes of the queen and king of the new age will be anchored into the earth and into the human hearts.

This sacred journey of initiation is not only a journey for your own development, it's for those who are standing up to raise the frequency on this planet and feel to calling to be in service for the divine mother and father of all creation. This special journey opens many secrets sited for us where you will come in contact with the beautiful magic of ancient times, where the queen and kings shared their divine gifts and wisdom.


With you, we can move the old energetic field of power and plant a new star seed of hope and love into the collective. The new queen and king want to be activated in all of us, as we can return back in unity and unconditional love for each other and heal all aspects of separation and judgments in the collective. We will melt into the one loving heart of all creation and open through this deep soul/ heart opener the tempers of abundance and true love of Gaya!

Isis Magdalene High Priestess Initiation of the Golden Age

Crystal Healing Retreat at Crystal Mountain on the sacred land of magical Ibiza


The teachings of Mother Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene, Lady Sarah, and the Council of Light will bring illumination and deep healing on all levels. This intense training will activate your healing powers, your clairvoyance, and your divine channel in order to operate as a messenger of the crystalline-golden angelic realms. 

Many initiations are waiting for you to activate the Golden Light Temple within you, so you can flow in abundance and bliss through your life. 


You are called to enter your eternal light in order to shine the goddess light on Earth and beyond. To bring the Goddess back into your life, into everyone's life, and to honor Her presence in every moment. You are called to celebrate your and her essence in everyday rituals through the consciousness of the divine sacred union.

The divine marriage is waiting for you, for your holiness and the diamond uniqueness of your entire existence. The holy grail is within you and you are so sacred, beloved goddess sister. Remember who you are and merge with your soul essence and cosmic intelligence.

This advanced training is for all the divine sisters, who have the calling to follow the path of unconditional love, to be a sacred lightkeeper for this sacred life. To anchor divinity into this Sacred Earth and to unify with the goddess essence of infinite love. To activate your divine power even more in order to live from the highest timelines of your divine purpose and to create from a place of divine sacred wisdom of your ancient soul.

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