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Earth Temple

Temple of the Earth

We are welcoming you to the Sanctuary of the Golden Dragon.


The Temple of Light is holding a beautiful frequency of abundance and love for you, where you can nourish your body and rest in the arms of the mother like a child. The Temple of Gaia has a powerful rose quartz shining in its center, which is balancing your heart, your womb and your roots.

This rose quartz was given to them by the Venusian people, when they came to earth to teach the human beings how to be aligned with the stars.

The Temple of Earth contains all information of your ancestors and your DNA in the earth star chakra under your feet. Here you can upgrade your human being aligned with your ancestors, heal your lineage on earth, and release karma.

We all came here to assist Gaia in her rising. As she is rising we are rising.

The Temple of Gaia shines in golden rose red light and holds all the keys for the enlightenment of our body. You will dance and pray with the people of middle earth for more balance, peace and harmony and the healing for mother earth.

We invite you to rest in the presence of Gaia and allow her to guide you to the most beautiful places and realities on the earth. The new Eden consciousness will be manifested and a new civilisation of light will be born. May you be protected and held by the light of Gaia.
So be it.

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