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Babaji assists those who come closer to God and who follow the divine will. He encourages people to follow a spiritual path. He is one without form and life, yet he is filled with the light. He walks the pathways of eternal light to endless salvation and will walk beside you on your path of enlightenment. He asks you to step with him and to seek the path of love for this is the way of the enlightened master. Let go of your chains and limitations and to be free of the veils of density and duality. In this you will become the light. Called the deathless avatar, Babaji is the immortal master of the Himalayas that was written about in the Autobiography of a Yogi. Said to be about 5,000 years old, he is ever youthful and a great server of humanity. Babaji travels by conscious intention and manifests everything needed from the cosmos. When in the body he chose to overcome physical limitations and ascended with his physical body and then promised to anchor his light body in his physical body so he could remain on the Earthly plane.

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