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9.9 New Messiah Code Transmission | Ibiza


I am sending you lots of love and blessings from Ibiza. I am delighted to share with you the next 2 Light Transmissions related to the 7 Christ Temples of Light. The following one is live from Ibiza, a powerful vortex of multidimensional light held by many starbeings and masters of our universe, located on a golden dragon line between Egypt, Bali and France. Ibiza is a portal of ascension and deeply connected to the lineage of Isis. The Goddess Tanit is the guardian angel of Ibiza and she belongs to the lineage of Innana, Ishtar/Isis. She represents the empowerment of the feminine light and is truly a birthplace for many priestesses and priests of the Golden Age. I am guided to activate the 6th Charka Temple of Christ on September 9. in order to ignite your multidimensional cosmic eye of the galactic constellations of creation. We will lighten up your 3rd eye and break through the illusion of your self-image of your limitation. This portal activation connected to Dragon Medicine will open to your higher dimensional self of truth and you become a powerful visionary of the new paradigm of love and light. These powers will activate your clairvoyance and ability to project higher dimensional light into the earth plane and into your life. This transmission is guided by ascended masters of the Christ lineage, such as Lord Kutumi, Lord Matraiya (higher self of Jesus) and the galactic Isis/ Ishtar. I would already like to share the information about the next Light Transmission

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