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Goddess Isis


Egyptian goddess: Isis. Isis is the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic, fertility and motherhood and of death, healing and rebirth. She is the first daughter of Geb (the god of earth) and Nut (the goddess of heaven), born on the first day of the first year of creation. She is the goddess and the protection of the kingdom. She is the goddess of magic and wisdom, the goddess of heaven and the universal goddess. The Isis cult began in Egypt and spread to Europe. Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene were sacred high priestesses of Isis. They represented and embodied the holy light of the goddess Isis. In many cultures of the world, the temples of Isis celebrated the divine feminine. The patriarchy was faced with fear as the power became greater and stronger worldwide. The magical powers developed by the women could not be estimated, because only a few of the men had access to this mystical knowledge or permission to work with it. These sacred and magical powers served the women to be in service with the Divine Mother and Mother Earth. Some, however, also abused these powers, resulting in an imbalance. The priests of Amun began to betray the priestesses and they were overthrown. The loss of power and the resulting oppression of the woman, as priestess and also healer, is still the wound of that time in many human souls and in the holy land itself. For thousands of years, the female principle was suppressed for fear that the powerful magic might return.

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