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New Earth Healer & Light Priestess Training


The New Earth Healer & Light Priestess is an intense program designed to help you remember who you are and who you have always been – a being of pure light, a light priestess of the lineage of Mary Magdalene. Topics we will cover during the program:​ Self-love and acceptance of all your aspects: light and darkness Healing the inner (magic) child Speaking your own truth and power of expression Releasing karmic patterns and codes Connection to your spirit guides, your master & higher self Initiation into angelic healing and priestesshood with the codes of Mary Magdalene and Goddess Isis Activation of the golden Christ Heart and healing hands through Mary Magdalene ​ Activation of your blueprint, connection to your angelic being Activation of the template for your divine soul plan on earth Channelling of divine messages and guidance All will be introduced via Videos / Audio / Manuscript. Please block around two hours per day to practice. ​

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