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New Earth Healer & Light Priestess II Training


THE PATH OF THE GODDESS NEW EARTH HEALER & LIGHT PRIESTESS II Pre-recorded 9 days of training We return to the Golden Temple of celebration, creation, and healing arts. Overall advanced training topics: Initiations into the Lineage with Mary Magdalene & Jesus Sananda Channeling of divine messages and guidance Temple Arts & Mystery of Goddess Isis (Sirius) Light language, Sound Healing & Cosmic Healing Dance of Goddess Hathor (Venus) Healing & Activation of Sacred Feminine & Masculine/Sacred Union Codes Sacred Sexuality & Creation: The Alchemy of Love and Light Tools and knowledge of designing a healing ceremony Cosmic Shamanism: Time Travels & Healing of Mother Earth Activation of the Golden Christ Heart and healing hands through Mary Magdalene ​ Activation of your blueprint, connection to your angelic being Activation of the template for your divine soul plan on earth DAILY PROGRAM: Transmissions and teachings with Anjuna and group or solo practice 4-5 hours daily + self practice ADDITIONAL PROGRAM: Three additional workshops of Sacred Body Work to be practiced once throughout the 9 days Two with Guest Teacher Shirin offering sacred dance & mystery One with Guest Teacher Marila offering vocal lessons The mornings are optional, will be recorded, and can be practiced during the training week or after. All lessons and training will be offered via recordings.

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