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23.9 New Messiah Code Transmission | Avalon


The final Light Transmission on the "Path of Enlightenment" through the 7 Temples of Christ will take place in Avalon/Glastonbury in England. This will be the peak of all initiations and is connected to your golden crown of illumination, your connection to the light of the Christ Source. I will bring together all the codes and Ley Lines from all 6 secret sites I have been traveling to since January. As the new Christ Light was born in 2022, we are called to replace all the old energies and informations through the new timelines and codes of the one loving heart of creation, the Light of Union. The new Messiah is not one person, he can only be a collective consciousness of the one loving heart. Avalon is a place of the myth of the Goddess since many 1000 years and has been activated with the Christ Consciousness by Mary Magdalene and her daughter Sarah Tamar after their arrival from Jerusalem. They created a powerful Mystery School of Essenes Healing Light that is working with higher light beings to enter into Source Consciousness. This place is located on one of the most powerful dragon Ley Lines, which is connected to all the temple places of the world and to the cosmic mystery school of Mary Magdalene, Jesus and Merlin in higher spheres. The story of King Arthur, Merlin and the Templars took place here and the first High Priestess and Priestess of the Goddess in Europe was initiated here too.

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