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The Avatar of Light Training


This is a powerful ascension work which will assist your soul to expand into the new Christ Consciousness. The world needs the unity of light workers more than ever before and we are called to activate the powerful angelic rainbow light body to transmit the light of Source to this planet and beyond. The 2. module offers you a deeper Soul Star awakening and gives you the opportunity to create from a multidimensional consciousness with the star beings and the Council of Light. We are happy to open new gateways of creative power for your own spiritual growth and for greater co-creation with other beautiful souls. Our future is about "Union" and reconnection with Source, bringing spirit and matter together, and building community for the highest good of all. Infusing matter with angelic presence to manifest heaven on earth is our collective soul calling! This course offers a deeper awakening of soul purpose to assist the collective rising into the new light consciousness of TRANS-HUMANITY or COSMIC - HUMANITY. This course gives you the opportunity to strengthen your channel and dive deep into your cosmic universe soul, in alignment with the star being of our universe. Have you always felt that there is more for you to do than follow your personal growth and desire, that there is a greater purpose to fulfill, a divine mission?

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