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Codes of the Sun | Sinai & Petra/Jordan


Beloved hearts, On my "Temple of Christ Light" journey through Morocco, Egypt, Sinai & Jordan, Bali, Ibiza, South of France and Avalon, I am called to open portals of the Trinity Light of the New Christ and anchor it deeply in the Earth. I am aligning the secrets of the stars with the dragon lines of the earth and will offer these codes to the community. The Dragon Ley Line is a golden network of Christ Consciousness that connects certain temples and mountains to the Star Alliance of our Universe. Each country will unfold its beautiful secrets of light and your soul will remember. We are delighted to share with you the next powerful Light Transmission from the beautiful Red Sea/Moses Mountain in Sinai and the most ancient city in the world Petra also called the rose city in Jordan. I am called to offer you the codes from both places as they are connected on the golden Christ Ley Lines.

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