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The Golden Eden Codes & the Medicine of Unicorns


The Golden Eden Codes & the Medicine of Unicorns Eden is a place where we live in abundance, where we feel rich and aligned with our divine soul and co create with our angels, masters and soul family to give birth to a new world where we are all divinely orchestrated and blessed. This year in February 22.02.22 our beloved divine Sophia returned to Earth with her divine feminine essence and took her throne back in the heart center of Gaia. Now, on 11.11.22, she is offering us the GOLDEN EDEN codes to create a new timeline for humanity where we can truly live and create from a place of inner heaven. We will open the 12 dimensions within us and bring Heaven to Earth to create the new Golden Eden for a new community of Light. Divine Sophia is the divine mother herself, who created the universe and the earth, and her presence is the spirit of Divine Union. She will work with our divine soul and open the higher realms to align our human being with her consciousness. For this she comes with the Medicine of the Unicorns, which stands for healing, abundance and union. The Golden Eden Codes will activate a template of love and light within your heart from where you will open to your greater potential and joy. The Medicine of Unicorns will heal ideas of separation from Source and bring you to the Temples of Sophia. Here you will reconnect with the inner realms of oneness, which will reactivate all cells and rejuvenate your system.

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