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Wings of Isis | Kemet, Egypt


Beloved souls, I send blessings from the sacred land of Kemet (Egypt). I am preparing for the Divine Union Retreat and I am happy to offer you a light transmission near the Temple of Isis right before. Thank you for being part of the recent beautiful Light Transmission from Morocco, the blue royal codes of the Queen & King. This work was connected to the root chakra and helped us to anchor deeply into the warm soil of the sacred land of Morocco. Africa is the place where we manifest and purify our ancestral lines and roots, because we all come from there. The next Light Transmission is still happening in Africa, in Egypt, and here we will work with the sacral chakra, the sexual chakra. Goddess Isis is also well known as the goddess of magic and creation. We are creating our realities with our sexual chakra and womb. This Light Transmission will open your golden wings of abundance. The Goddess will embrace you with her love and divine light to empower you and initiate you into her heart temple of golden creation.The Mother of Civilisation is giving birth to her golden baby of light through you so that the new light of the golden age can shine into this world. Your soul will rise through the wings of Isis in her greater expression and open portals of unconditional love.

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