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Dreams of Isis & Hathor

The Divine Union Initiation

New Year Retreat 2024/25



Golden Temple Tour & Nile Journey 

Sailing under the Stars into the New Year!

 December 28. 2024 - 06. 2025


White Desert Extension: 07. - 10. 01. 2025

Beloved soul family,

I am delighted to announce the next magical sacred temple journey along the Nile. 

We will be sailing into the new year 2025 and celebrating the new beginnings blessed by the golden presence of the Goddess Isis, Hathor and her Angles of Light.

The prophecy says that 2025 the world will be moving towards more light and unity. We as messenger of the new golden age will assist this transmission and holding the pillar of divine truth and light for humanity.

Golden portals along the Nile will open for us and the soul will reveal her ancient Egyptian lifetimes, remembering the Queen, King, Pharaoh and Priestess/ Priest energies and the codex. It will be a life changing journey, a transmission into the new divine union self, into the golden consciousness of your being.


The “Dream of Isis & Hathor” is a poetry of the ancient, future memory of your cosmic soul. It is a dance between the heavens and the earth. Isis and Hathor are golden celestial Goddesses, they bring the stars to us through our dream world. The golden wings of Isis and the cosmic milk of the goddess Hathor are embracing you and opening the gateway to your inner heaven. You meet them in your heart, your soul and your womb by surrendering to their powerful heavenly presence. Isis is known as an Egyptian Goddess-Queen and she is so much more. 


She is a golden celestial Goddess who is weaving miracles, healing and opening up to our divine self. She initiates into the Priestess/Priest Path of Light.

She is bringing the new Christ consciousness. She reveals the secrets of the soul and blesses us with abundant grace.


Hathor represents the cosmic mother who showers us with unconditional love and invites us into her golden chamber of abundance, into her cosmic womb of creation. She is the Goddess of divine art and dance. Through her dreaming we are experiencing our true cosmic nature and returning back to source. The cosmic mother's milk will flow along the milk way into our hearts and wombs. Deep soul nourishment, joy and cosmic pleasure will embrace us. 

Cosmic divine union will take place in your being.

Dreaming with Isis and Hathor is a journey through the higher dimensional realms where we reveal more of our true essence. They are guiding us towards more self-love and enlightenment, which brings true empowerment of the divine self.


The “Divine Initiation” is a celestial lucid dream of Isis and Hathor through opening your higher heart and entering your inner universe of love. 

The divine union within reflects the marriage of heaven and earth, which is our true human spirit nature, destiny and fate.

You will open the gateway to the stars through the Goddess Isis & Osiris, Hathor & Horus, Akhenaten & Nefertiti, Mary Magdalene & Yeshua and the Lion Goddess Sekhmet. This journey along the Nile will open a deep remembrance of your ancient soul. Egypt, or originally Kemet, is the place where the new civilization began after the fall of Atlantis. All the knowledge has been brought there in order to create a new world. Those who were transmitting the ancient wisdom were also channeling the future codes and so Kemet became a place of deep spiritual awakening, growth and creation. We will return to these deep moments of the soul in order to connect with this ancient wisdom, and we will open to the heavens to bring through the new golden codes for the new world. The ancient future journey is born!


Along the Nile we will sail on the beautiful, luxurious, sacred Lotus Dahabeya in the golden light of love and abundance, listen to the songs of the Goddess of the Nile, named Nut, and surrender to the wisdom of the stars. The Nile is the reflection of the Milky Way and a powerful portal to reach the spirit of your soul. You will have time to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature and connect in sacred sister & brotherhood. We will have beautiful meditation circles, light transmissions, sacred dance and sound healing journeys. You will receive a holistic program for your soul, mind, body and spirit.


The Gods & Goddesses of Kemet are calling us home, to the Motherland of Humankind. They are the key to our new world of light manifestation. The new Christ Consciousness, the very first light of our soul connected to Sirius, is waiting to be awakened to fulfill your soul's destiny.


On this journey, we, the Council of Light, will initiate you into this high frequency of the very first light of your soul, into your christened Heart of Union, the Source, from where we will step into greater service for human souls and Gaia.


If you have a calling to support the birth of the new world from a place of divine union, to live a life of abundance and create harmony and balance with the universe, you are welcome to join our beautiful spaceship "Sacred Lotus" Dahabeya (traditional sailboat) on the Nile.


When we remember where we are coming from, we will know where we are going.

We are the new human cosmic being, we are the new world of light.

We are who we are and always have been and always will be.

We are the collective consciousness of light. We are the new Christ of love, free from all the stories and imprints of the old world. We are the pillars of light, in service to the new humankind, those who are in heart and believe in their sovereignty. We are the divine creators of sacred life and the keepers of the Grail of Light. 


The time of deep remembrance is coming, when the soul family is finding each other to unite in the light of the stars.

Blessed we are. Heaven on earth is here and now.


Blessings & Love

Anjuna Ma Saraya & the Council of Light


* Initiations into the “Path of Light” through Isis, Hathor & Osiris

* Holy Spirit/ Divine Union - Water Blessings by the Nile

* New Year - Blue Lotus Ceremony on the Boat

* Visit to Sacred Sites and Temples for Soul Revelation & Initiation

* Private Ceremony by the Sphinx 

* Guided Meditations with Angelic Presence

* Akashic Records Channeling of the Stars 

* Sacred Soul Healing Journeys in the white Desert

* Light Transmissions / Sound Healing & Light Language 

* Sacred Moments, Yoga & Dance (optional)


Please bring your ceremonial clothing, items and instruments.


The program will be filled with this magic:

Golden Temple Journey:

We begin our journey in Aswan, in the land of the Nubians, in the amazing Ben Ben Hotel (click here for more information) directly by the Nile. The hotel is the most exquisite place in Aswan with a beautiful Spa and Nubian treatments. The perfect place to land and start our journey. The indigenous people of the Nubians are known as the Blue Angles from the planet Sirius, the people of the stars, the sacred gatekeepers of the Nile. It is said that the Goddess Isis is the Queen of Sirius. The Temple of Isis and the Priestess Gate of Isis are located right next to the venue, which you can see from the hotel. 


The Isis Temple is a profound portal to open to the divine guidance of our sacred soul journey to the golden inner Temple of Light. Here you will be activated in your divine powers and receive the golden key of abundance. We then flow to the Priestess Gate, the portal to the higher wisdom of your Priestess/Priest Path of Light. Here you will be baptized by the light of union with the Goddess Isis & Osiris in the sacred Nile. From here we will be sailing on the Nile and connecting with our dreams for the new year.

A beautiful divine ceremony will take place on the boat, where we will be dreaming with Isis and her Angels along the Milky Way. 

More days of sailing and visits to sacred temples will follow.

We travel to Luxor, where we visit the birthplace (Hathor Temple) of the Pharaoh and God Akhenaten, who was a revolutionary in his time.

He initiated a new timeline and a new world. Here we will receive codes from his King lineage. He was a reincarnation of Jesus Christ. He believed in equality with his Queen Nefertiti. Divine Union Codes are flowing!!

Afterwards, we will be guided to the Valley of the Queen and visit the tomb of Nefertari. The divine feminine Initiation is taking place here through the Queen Codes. The next Temple of Golden Light awaits us, Dandara, the Temple of Hathor, the Goddess of divine music and art. The one who crowned Isis on her throne. Here you will connect with your inner artist of light, your divine, individual expression of your soul. 

Next visit is the Karnak Temple, the most powerful temple of the lion goddess Sekhmet from Sirius. Here we will have a private visit to her magical statue. She is the raw, wild, divine, feminine goddess of Egypt who will ignite our true powers of creation.

From here we will fly to Cairo, check into the most beautiful hotel right next to the pyramids of Giza "Mena House"(click here for more information) and prepare for the peak of our journey, the private ceremony at the "Sphinx". Here our journey ends, unless you wish to extend your trip to the white and black desert.


The next adventure begins the day after where we will be traveling by bus to the desert.

This desert is one of the most celestial places on earth where we will be channeling crystal consciousness for our next spiritual upgrade. 

Camping in the crystal desert, reflecting on our journey and all that has been revealed to us over the past few days. Closing our initiatory journey under the stars with deep gratitude as we are flowing into the new year 2025 with an open heart full of joy and abundance.


29 December ~ Arrival at Aswan, transfer to the hotel (dinner)

30 December ~ Isis Temple and Priestess Gate (breakfast and dinner)

31 December ~ Check in to the dahabeya, New Year’s Eve celebration on the boat (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

1 January ~ Kom Ombo Temple (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

2 January ~ Al Kab, Hathor Temple (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

3 January ~ West Bank (Valley of the Queens) (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

4 January ~ Dandara Temple (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

5 January ~ Karnak Temple, flight to Cairo (breakfast, fruits for lunch)

6 January ~ Sphinx private ceremony (breakfast)

7 January ~ Transfer to the airport or extension in the white desert


White Desert extension

7 January ~Travel to Bahareya, black desert, valley of the giants, camping in the valley of the giants (breakfast, light lunch, dinner)

8 January ~ Crystal cave, white desert, camping in the white desert (breakfast, light lunch, dinner)

9 January ~ Crystal field, travel to Cairo, overnight in Crowne Plaza Arkan Hotel (breakfast, light lunch)

10 January ~ Transfer to the airport, travel home (breakfast or breakfast box)

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5500 EUR  Full Price


4500€ until 01.07.24

4800 EUR until 01.09.24

Deposit of 1800€ to safe your spot

We have space for 17 participants, including 2 artist scholarships.

It is a retreat for men, women, couples and singles. 



White Desert Extension: 800€


Egyptian tour guide, full board, luxury hotels, sailing boat, temple fee, tips and transportation from the airport to the venue in Aswan & all initiations, teachings, healing sessions by Anjuna.

Not included:

 Flight from on board and domestic flight from Luxor to Cairo.

We recommend being energetically and spiritually prepared for this magical journey. 

End of registration 12.12.24

Please apply with your vision for this trip.

We will contact you afterwards with more information.

I look forward to meeting you among the stars,

beloved sister and brother.

I send you blessings upon blessings,

all my love

Anjuna Ma Saraya

Terms & Conditions


To register, please apply with your vision for this journey to the following e-mail:

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