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Cosmic Earth Healing Retreat

Aegina, Greece | Oktober 15-22, 2017

Connect to Cosmos and Earth. Featuring Special Guest Sound Healer Larissa Israel

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We embark on a cosmic journey on earth to the beautiful island of Aegina in Greece. Under the palm trees and by the crystal clear ocean we have the opportunity to dive deeply into the beautiful nature of this island to find healing and peace. The historic villa Okia Karapanou, directly by the sea, creates a beautiful space of bliss and abundance. We will open ourselves through healing, yoga, meditation, and sound healing. Through the connection to nature we will find a new consciousness and cosmic love. This will reconnect us with our soul and our highest self to bring harmony and peace into our lives.

The connection to the cosmos opens us, allows us to breathe deeply and reconnects us to our highest self. The universe gifts us with wisdom and endless abundance. They are always here and can be lived and experiences through a deep devotion to the divine in every being. We live and grow consciously through a deep connection to Mother Earth. We will dedicate ourselves to the beauty and magic energy of Mother Earth on a very deep level. The Cosmic Earth Retreat combines both forces - heaven and earth. We will access the cosmic energy through sound and meditation and bring this energy down to earth through dance and yoga. We will create a higher vibration on earth that leads to abundance and a lightful expression of our true being. 

Course program 

  • 08.30 - 10.30 am           Yoga and dance

  • 10.30 am                       Bunch

  • 02.00 - 03.00 pm           Lunch

  • 05.00 - 07.00 Uhr          Healing and sound meditation

  • 07.30 pm                      Dinner

Costs and booking

  • Accommodation including full board:  500 € in a double room, 600 € in a single room

  • Course fee: 600 €

  • Total costs: 1.100 € in a double room

  • Optional: Individual healing sessions

  • A deposit is required to secure your spot

  • The retreat is limited to 15 people

  • Please send booking inquiries to


We will stay in the beautiful vila „Oikia Karapanou“, directly by the sea on the island of Aegina close to Athens. Between the sessions we will have enough time for integration. Relax by the sea or in the palm garden. Read on the beautiful porch, or go for a walk in the impressive nature. Our good Aphrodite will cook vegetarian / vegan meals for us twice a day. You will enjoy an opulent brunch and a hearty dinner every day at the big table in the palm garden. Oikia Karapanou invites you to dream and enjoy. A little piece of paradise. The old historic villa has been remodelled into a beautiful retreat center (

More information on Larissa Israel

I invite you to become one with your essence in my individual sessions. My healing work happens from the heart and with the intention of full truth and clarity. The sacral sounds with their soft, yet powerful effect allow us to experience our inner health with its unique sound signature through stimulation, calming, and rebalancing. The holistic symphony of sounds, colorful silk, natural essence, light and healing hands is a multi-dimensional experience for the senses that will touch you on all dimensions of your being. My healing sessions are intuitive, guided by the divine and based on well-known systems such as acupuncture, TCM, five-element-teachings and the meridian and chakra system. This holistic approach helps us to remember that everything is already in us. Be harmony! Be music!


Sound healing meditation

Let all dimensions of your being be touched by the sound healing meditation, wrapped into the unique sound atmosphere of devotion. It will refine your consciousness, open the resonance spaces within your body so you can receive the healing effect of the sounds. You will experience your true self in total abundance. Acoustic instruments unite with the voice, healing songs and color frequencies to rebalance yourself and your surrounding. Your brain waves and body rhythm sync with the vibration of those sacral sounds and will bring you more vitality, regeneration, grounding and a feeling of being one. The sound healing meditations expand your consciousness. The special harmonies, rhythms and intervals will be synced in an intuitive and inspiring way and enhance the frequency of the entire group. For more information visit


Special offer with Larissa: Aqua Sound Massage

Let yourself be carried into a deep experience of freedom, devotion, and ease by the powerful sound frequencies of swimming singing bowls in this individual session. In this atmosphere of trust you will reconnect with the magic and clearing element of water and the elemental force of the ocean.

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