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For the Love of a Woman - Goddess Retreat

Aegina, Greece | July 03-10, 2017

Awaken the goodess in you!

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Ägina Yoga
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We will embark on a spiritual journey to our elemental force as women. Every woman is a goddess, remember!

We will open ourselves for our intuition, healing powers, creativity. To love and acceptance of your true self. We will awaken the Shakti power in us, the pure feminine magic that allows us to live and create in an authentic, free, and powerful way. We will awaken our inner goddess through transformative yoga, guided healing meditations, initiations into energetic and healing work, rituals and ceremonies. You will discover your true power and wisdom and reconnect with your inner light. We create a healing space of spiritual awakening, pure joy and vitality. We will honour the goddess in us with dance and music. Our guiding goddess for this retreat is Athene, the goddess of wisdom. She represents the power of the olympic fire and will initiate us into our healing powers as women and priestesses. We will dedicate this week to our inner goddess in the beautiful villa „Oikia Karapanou“ by the sea on the island of Aegina, close to Athens.


  • July 03, 2017                 Arrival

  • July 10, 2017                 Departure

  • July 11, 2017                 Optional day for integration

Course program 

  • 09.00 - 10.30 am          Soul Flow Yoga

  • 10.30 am                      Ausgedehntes Frühstück

  • 05.30 - 07.30 pm         Healing and energy work, rituals

  • 07.30 pm                      Dinner

Costs and booking

  • Accommodation including full board:  500 € in a double room, 600 € in a single room

  • Course fee: 600 €

  • Total costs: 1.100 € in a double room

  • Optional: Individual healing sessions

  • A deposit is required to secure your spot

  • The retreat is limited to 15 people

  • Please send booking inquiries to


We will stay in the beautiful vila „Oikia Karapanou“, directly by the sea on the island of Aegina close to Athens. Between the sessions we will have enough time for integration. Relax by the sea or in the palm garden. Read on the beautiful porch, or go for a walk in the impressive nature. Our good Aphrodite will cook vegetarian / vegan meals for us twice a day. You will enjoy an opulent brunch and a hearty dinner every day at the big table in the palm garden. Oikia Karapanou invites you to dream and enjoy. A little piece of paradise. The old historic villa has been remodelled into a beautiful retreat center (

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