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Stille der Wüste Retreat

Merzouga Oasis, Morocco | April 21-27, 2017

Yoga, Meditation, Healing and Spiritual Awakening, feat. Special Guest Sound Healer Larissa Israel

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In silence you can hear your soul and discover its secrets and yearnings. When you see, honour and love our soul, its beautiful light will appear - pure, powerful and beautiful. 


In the silence of the desert you will discover yourself on all dimensions of your being. You will come closer to your truth in an unforgettable way. In this beautiful space, free of judgement, full of love and trust you can fully open yourself for a deep look inside yourself. You will experience your connection to the universe in a completely new way. The spirit of the desert will touch you deeply and lead you to places of inner wisdom and clarity. In silence, we see what moves us and reconnect with parts of yourself that we deemed lost. We connect with ourselves in compassion and love. We become still and let go. We free our mind and heal our heart. Your true self will appear and you will experience yourself as the pure light you are. You will experience deep peace and pure bliss.

Let yourself fall into this new culture that you may have always know. The pure hearts of the Berbers will be present throughout your entire journey. Connect with the love and open hearts of these people. You will experience this connection with all your senses: through the delicious food, by feeling their endless friendliness and hospitality, through the drum sounds around the fire. Together, we will sing, dance, laugh and simply be.


  • April 21: Salam Aleikum Marocco!      
    You are flying to Casablance from where you will transfer to Errachidia. From Errachidia you will travel into the desert to the oasis of Merzouga. On your way you will pass small Kasbah villages and palm groves. You will spend your first night in a Kasbah on the edge of the desert. 

  • April 22 - 27: Merzouga and desert camp
    After the morning yoga session we will visit the oasis and will be greeted by the family Oussidi with a traditional Berber meal. We will visit the children aid project in Merzouga after lunch. In the afternoon we will ride to our desert camp on camels. We will close the day with a beautiful colourful sunset and enjoy the starry sky at the camp fire. The following days will be full and yet empty. The desert invites us to let go, to feel, to be in silence and listen to our heart. Between the daily yoga sessions we will enjoy the silence and spaciousness of the Sahara and the hospitality of the Oussidi family.


  • April 28: Back from the desert
    After the morning yoga session we will return to Merzouga on our camels. In the Kasbah you have the last day to spend as we wish. In the afternoon we will practice yoga together for the last time and share a last meal. We will spend our last night in the Kasbah.


  • April 29: Good bye Sahara
    We will go back to the airport in Errachidia early in the morning.

Optional extension in Marrakech

  • April 29: Transfer from Merzouga to Marrakech via Casablanca
    Transfer to the airport in Errachidia in the morning. Connecting flight to Marrakesch via Casablanca. We will reach Marrakesch in the early afternoon and visit the colorful gardens of Yves Saint Laurent. After that check-in in our riad in the median.


  • April 30 - May 01: Marrakech up close
    After breakfast we will visit the most famous sights of
    Marrakech: the Koutoubia Mosque, the Bahia palace and the souks with their craftsmen. After the sightseeing tour and on the second day there will be more than enough time to explore Marrakech on your own.

  • May 02: Good-bye Morocco
    Transfer to the airport and return flight home.


Course program 

  • 08.00 - 10.00 am          Soul Flow Yoga

  • 05.30 - 07.30 pm         Healing and energetic work, rituals

  • 07.30 pm                      Dinner


  • Accommodation, including full board and travel guide:  890 € in a double room, 1.140 € in a single room

  • Course fee: 500 €

  • Total costs: 1.390 € in a double room

  • Optional: Individual healing sessions

  • Optional: Marrakech extension in a double room - 250 € 

  • We are happy to help you arrange flights

  • The retreat is limited to 15 people


Booking via email directly to Sahara Yoga: (

After the final booking conformation, people send a short information to

More information on Larissa Israel

I invite you to become one with your essence in my individual sessions. My healing work happens from the heart and with the intention of full truth and clarity. The sacral sounds with their soft, yet powerful effect allow us to experience our inner health with its unique sound signature through stimulation, calming, and rebalancing. The holistic symphony of sounds, colorful silk, natural essence, light and healing hands is a multi-dimensional experience for the senses that will touch you on all dimensions of your being. My healing sessions are intuitive, guided by the divine and based on well-known systems such as acupuncture, TCM, five-element-teachings and the meridian and chakra system. This holistic approach helps us to remember that everything is already in us. Be harmony! Be music!


Sound healing meditation

Let all dimensions of your being be touched by the sound healing meditation, wrapped into the unique sound atmosphere of devotion. It will refine your consciousness, open the resonance spaces within your body so you can receive the healing effect of the sounds. You will experience your true self in total abundance. Acoustic instruments unite with the voice, healing songs and color frequencies to rebalance yourself and your surrounding. Your brain waves and body rhythm sync with the vibration of those sacral sounds and will bring you more vitality, regeneration, grounding and a feeling of being one. The sound healing meditations expand your consciousness. The special harmonies, rhythms and intervals will be synced in an intuitive and inspiring way and enhance the frequency of the entire group. For more information visit

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