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Sacred Jewelery

Alchemy of Soul


Philosophy of Alchemy of Soul:

We bless you with infinite light and embrace you with the energy of the "Alchemy of Soul" so that the light of your soul can shine in its radiant beauty. You are divine and you are sacred!

How does it work? I receive the divine message from an angel or goddess and transfer that energy into a template from which we begin to create and manifest the mala. Each mala has a purpose and is infused and blessed by the divine consciousness to assist souls in their rising. The energy of the mala is directly connected to the consciousness of the light being and you receive all the support to activate your divine potential. You can simply wear the mala daily or you can work with it for your healing sessions or ceremonies.


It is always a powerful protector and guide for your life and mission.
It is an everlasting art piece which will enrich your life on many levels. You can pray with the 108 beats to activate the essence of the mala, or simply let it work in your field. Every mala comes with an activation prayer that you can repeat whenever you feel it is needed. You will become a portal of light for the new golden earth.

You will rise in love.  Anjuna Ma Saraya


Prayer of Goddess Isis

The Golden Light of my Soul.


Beloved Mother Goddess Isis,

I bow to you and I love you.

I am calling you on to bless me with your divine presence of golden celestial light.

You are my angle of light, who brings me closer to my divine potential and powers.

I ask you to take me under your golden wings and to activate my divine light of my essence.

I trust you and your guidance is my anchor of light in this world.

You are the Alchemy of Gold and the Goddess of Rebirth.

I am open to receiving you deeply in my life, so I can enter the state of immortality. 

You bring the new light of Christ to our world and ignites the presence in our hearts.

I open my heart to follow you on your golden throne of divinity. 

I ask you to initiate me into my High Priestess Powers, so I can birth the new golden eden on earth in its purest way. 

I dive deep into your  golden presence, so we become one and fly high into the eternal light of all existence.


Thank you.

Blessed it be. Amen.


108 prayers to activate the presence of Goddess Isis:


I am Isis through time and space. 

I am golden and my spirit is free, Is Is.

Prayer of the Elohim

The Power of Creation.


Beloved Elohim Angels,

I bow to you and I love you.

I am calling you on to bless me with your beautiful rainbow crystal light of creation. 

I surrender to your power and the presence of your divinity and I am opening my heart to a rainbow bridge between my soul and your divine presence.

I am wishing to be activated and  empowered into my higher wisdom and consciousness of abundance. 

I ask you to take me into your labor of creation, so I can learn how to create from the consciousness of source.

My calling is to create a heavenly earth where we live in harmony with the universe and all beings.

I feel blessed and honored to work with the rainbow light of source in order to activate my creativity from the highest timelines of my divine soul.

This light of creation will  bring me joy and prosperity on all levels of my being.


Thank you. 

Blessed it be. Amen


108 prayers to activate the presence of the Elohim Angels:


I am a rainbow of abundance and through me the light of divine creation flows

I am powerful to create a golden earth.


Prayer of Lemuria

Initiation of the blue flame.


Lemuria Angles,


I bow to you and I love you.

I am calling you on to guide me to the Lemuria flame of my true essence.

I open myself to the guidance, healing and blessings of the Lemurian angels and ask for the greater teachings of the Lemurian Council of Light.

I feel the light of Lemuria expanding with every breath in my heart and the beauty of my soul shines her light.

My soul is pure and my intention is clear to live for a place of beauty and harmony. 

Through me the light codes of Lemurian create heaven on earth. 

We unite in the blue crystal light of the eternal heavens on earth.

I am bathing in the crystal blue sacred oceans of fertility and light and my angelic self is empowered and happy in her pure essence of celestial presence.

The blue flame of Lemuria is the gateway to my essence and an inspiration to stay aligned with my divine self.

I am merging with the beauty of Lemuria, my cells, my body, my soul, my whole being is bathing in crystal diamond blue flame and I am returning back to my  Lemurian Goddess Wisdom of Source.


Thank you.

Blessed it be.


108 prayers to activate the presence of the Lemuria Angels:


My heart ignites of the blue flame of Lemuria

I am the light of Lemuria 


Mother Pearl

The Light of Venus.


Beloved Mother Goddess of the sacred Waters and Venus,

I bow to you and I love you.

I call you on to open me to unconditional love.

 I surrender to your beauty of creation and the depth of your essence. 

The light of your pearls are softening my heart. 

I am born out of the light and I return to the light. 

The venusian angels showered me in a rose crystal light of beauty and love and remembered me the light of my soul.

The sacred waters clears my emotions and opens the gate way to my inner treasure. 

The Mother Pearl Essence is me and always has been. 

My soul is pure and innocent and I expand into the infinite light of the white crystal rose light of the pearl consciousness of Venus.

This light brings me peace and sacred beauty to my life. 


Thank you.

Blessed it be. Amen.


108 prayers to activate the presence of the Mother Pearl


I am the merging with the light of Venus

I am pure, I am divine light, I am divine love.


White Lotus - Goddess Quan Yin

The Light of Peace.


Beloved Goddess Quan Yin,

I bow to you and I love you. 

I ask you to bless me with your presence of light and unconditional love.

You are in my heart and I belong to you and always have been.

I choose a path of love and peace in this life and spread my wings of light around the world.

The whit lotus is my medicine of light which anchors me in the soil of the earth and opens me to the heavens.

The purity of my heart is present and I am bathing in unconventional love.

My heart opens to deep compassion towards all beings and myself and I am flowing in  higher realms of divinity. 

The gateway of higher wisdom is activated and I remember the strength and power of my divine soul.

I am in harmony and balance with all life here and in the universe and my path is blessed by the beauty of Quan Yin.

The light of the lotus is the blessing and healing me and I am sending my prayers of gratitude to you.


Thank you.

Blessed it be.


108 prayers to activate the presence of Goddess Quan Yin


 I am the pure essence of the white lotus.

 I am in divine union of love

Beloved Goddess of Atlantis


I bow to you and I love you.

I ask you to open the gateway to enter my inner mastery of divinity.

I ask you to teach me and to initiate me into the deep knowledge of Atlantean Wisdom, so I can fulfill my destiny.

I am a channel of divine wisdom and light and the council of light is with me.

The blue saphir light of divine soul fulfilling is flowing through me and I am spreading my light of my inner mastery through time and space and all dimensions.

We are called to come together in divine union to embody the higher wisdom of Sirius on earth.

Through our divinity the collective consciousness will rise like to white sun and we unite again in harmony and peace.

The inner mastery finds its way on earth in its purest expression of light. 

We are welcoming the light of Sirius into our life and the teachings of the Council of Sirius, so Atlantis can be reborn again in its new form of divine Christ consciousness. 

We are ready to hold these pillars of light on earth.


Thank you.

Blessed it be.



108 prayers to activate the presence of Goddess of Atlantis


I am a pillar of light of Sirius

I am the key keeper of new atlantis



Power of Manifestation 


Beloved Goddess Gaia,

I bow to you and I love you.

I open myself  and surrender to your sacred beauty of all life.  

Anchoring my roots into the golden red earth is giving me stability and strength.

 I am feeling your light of warmth and unconditional love flowing into my roots, into my feet and legs, along my spine and into my heart. 

It's so beautifully golden and sacred, that I rise in love to the heavens to share with the angels how beautiful you are. 

Your colors, your light, your shape and your smell is unique in this universe and I am truly in love with you. 

Please hold me in your womb of love and creation so I can birth myself into a new human expression of eternal light. 

 I am here to assist you to raise the frequency of love on your planet and to remember that you are so precious and divine. 

I am asking you dear mother to open the gate to the secrets of life so we can meet in divine union deep in your roots of all life. 

The tree of life is calling to be remembered in order to ignite all beings you have been created.

I surrender to your wisdom and allow my light to flow through you in order to create a temple of light in your heart.

 I can see the love you have for your children and I give thanks for all the abundance and beauty you are giving to us every day.

I bless you with my heavenly soul. 


Thank you.

Blessed it be. Amen


108 prayers to activate the presence of Gaia Mala


My life is flowing beautifully in abundance and harmony.

I am the temple of light in my body.

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