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The Priestess Woman Rose Sanctuary 

The Divine Feminine Retreat

South of France July 21- 29th 2023


Mary Magdalene Priestess & Healer Initiation

The Art of Spiritual Healing and Creation.

Soul & Womb healing/ activation / illumination/ ascension & embodiment of the divine feminine.

Celebrating the Birthday of Mary Magdalene on July 22. on her holy land.

Dear hearts,


Mary Magdalene is calling us in to connect with our beautiful divine heart and womb in order to empower our sacred light within and without. We are opening to our sacred golden womb as a gateway to our inner heaven on earth, birthing our Eden of Light.


Mary Magdalene calls us on the female way of enlightenment. She offers us her loving embrace so that we may recover from the female wounds. She asks us to reclaim our power and to walk the way of our soul. This power is soft,  strong, intuitive, consistent, free and dedicated.

She welcomes you into the priestesshood of the rose. You are her beloved Sister. She prays for you to live fiercely with the wisdom of your heart.


Reconnect yourself with a light that shines unconditional on every life form, every being. Sit in this light and embody it. To be of service to humanity and our beloved great mother earth. Remember who you are and always have been. Blessed it be.


We are so delighted to announce our beautiful sacred retreat in the land of Mary Magdalene in South of France, in Rennes-le-Château and Bugarach.


This holy land is full of secrets and beautiful energy of the divine feminine and the path of the Goddess. Mary-Magdalena lived many years with her daughter Sarah on this land and worshiped Isis and Ishtar. Together with Mother Mary, she came all the way from Egypt and Jerusalem to begin a new life. She was teaching in many places in Europe and created the secret community of the White Sisterhood. Her teachings were all about the red and the white path of the goddess, which involves the higher consciousness of the awakened soul, healing abilities and the embodiment of the divine feminine powers.


South of France was one of the powerful places where she lived for many years. This land is held by a rose crystal dragon who supported her in many ways to anchor her light.  It is also the land of the holy grail and the Cathar knights, which came with her from Jerusalem to protect her and the Christ Grail. We will walk again her path and collect her wisdom through the land and through her spirit as our ancestors and ascended master.


The Rose Grail will lead us and bless us in many ways. We will create beautiful crystal rose codes ceremonies in the hidden cave of Mary Magdalene, and powerful activations through Goddess Isis, who was  worshiped on this sacred land. Mary Magdalene got her High Priestess Initiations through the Goddess in Egypt. You will receive water blessings in the wonderful sacred well of union and will connect with the secrets of her spirit.


In these 9 retreat days, you will receive many powerful codes of the Magdalene Consciousness, Sarah Codes and Goddess embodiment energies and teachings. Goddess Isis will bless you with many new insights about your soul path and your divine purpose.

The rose crystal Grail will reveal its secrets to you and will offer you a totally new perspective of your being. Your feminine goddess essence can be experienced in the most powerful way and you will blossom into the cosmic rose of all feminine.

We will gather as a beautiful sisterhood in beauty and harmony and will dance under the stars.


You will be initiated deeper into the ability to transmit the cosmic light from source from  a place of unconditional love and higher wisdom. The teachings of Sacred Union through Mary Magdalene and Yeshua will guide you deep to the core of your soul where we finally receive the divine marriage. The greater service of your soul can unfold in its most beautiful golden rose Magdalene light in order to fulfill your divine plan.The priestess of the soul rose will be born in her truth and from here you are walking with Mary Magdalene.


Mary Magdalene stands for the new empowered divine feminine  leader of the golden Age and she  assists you to find this within and without. This great ascended Master will be on your site to support you to walk your path in softness & strength, divine truth and love. She teaches you the “ART OF SPIRITUAL HEALING”.


The white Priestess hood is calling you in beloved Soul to find your sisters of the rose and to continue the work from ancient times. Do you remember Priestess?


We will reunite with our hearts and rose wombs for deeper healing and rising.

We are the new leader of Gaia and the Grail keeper of divine life & truth.

The Codes of the new Christ light is free, pure, powerful, divine and sweet.


This retreat is for self healing and also to be in service for humanity, Gaia and the Universe.

You receive a certification as a High Priestess & Spiritual Healer.

I am looking forward to my beloved Priestess Sister to enjoy this time with you in heavenly grace and beauty.

The program will be filled with this magic:

Soul Initiation into the Priestess of the Rose

  • Rose Womb Healing and Activation

  • Initiation into Healing Hands

  • Spiritual Healing - Teta Healing 

  • Aura Reading

  • Codes of the divine feminine  

  • Light Codes Channeling  & Sacred Chanting

  • Codes of Sacred union. Divine Marriage 

  • Rituals, Ceremonies and teachings of the sacred union on the holy land

  • Soul writing & divine Art

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 21.09.29
Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 21.09.22


2800 EUR  Full Price

2400 EUR until April 28.

Deposit of 800€ to safe your spot

More information about the payment plan will follow on your request.

We have space for 15 participants.



Accommodation and food

Not included:

 Flight and transport to the venue.

We recommend being energetically and spiritually prepared for this magical journey. 

If you have any question please contact Anjuna.

Please apply with your vision for this trip.

We will contact you afterwards with more information.

Sending Love & Blessings 

Looking forward to having a magical time with you.

Anjuna Ma Sara & Angels

Terms & Conditions



To register, please apply with your vision for this journey to the following e-mail:

Travel plan
South of France_Cosmic RoseVisual_V8.jpg

Travelling Plan

We are gathering in a very beautiful retreat center in the hills close to the Rennes Le Chateau (Mary Magdalene Castle) in a Sanctuary of Light.


This place has the sweetness and innocence of the divine feminine. It's a beautiful charming french cottage with a pool and a wonderful garden, where we can rest in the break and  enjoy the warmth of the sun. We have space for 15 women in the house in a double or triple room.


Time: July 21 - July 29. 2023

Arrival on July 21. afternoon - check in 4-6pm

7 pm Dinner  & Opening Ceremony 

Closing on July 29.- check out 10.00 am


You need a car to reach the venue. We can help you to organize a sharing with the sisters.

Airport is Toulouse and takes about 1 hour drive.

South of France_Cosmic RoseVisual_V8.jpg
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