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Beloved golden Soul,

I welcome you in my golden Temples of Eden!

I bless you with heavenly love and grace.

Your golden Soul is ready to be awakened by the cosmic kiss of unconditional love.

We are the Council of Light and we speak from a place of higher love to you.

We are here to remember you how to awaken your inner paradise and how to manifest it.

Remember the sacred being you are and choose to live from your highest timelines, in order to heal, to re- create and to celebrate your eternal existence.

You are a Golden Temple.

Living through the higher divine purpose creates abundance and blessings for you and for all beings on Earth and beyond!

Join me on a sacred journey to create your very own paradise inside and outside, in order to support the collective consciousness rising.

I am based in Ibiza and am looking forward to connecting in person or online.

Blessed it be,

The Paradise Code

Channeling the 6th Ray of the Elohim consciousness/the Goddess Frequency of Creation & the Golden Christ Light

Embodying Sara Tamar, the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua and the keeper of the Holy Grail codes

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A Love Letter
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