The Paradise Code


Your soul is the individual expression of your divine self, a space where your ego does not exist. In this space you are whole, you are full of bliss. From this space - from this beautiful light of your soul you create your own paradise.

Join me on this journey to create your very own paradise inside and outside.

I am based in Bali until June and am looking forward to connect in person or online.

Om Shanti,

Upcoming events

Mary Magdalene Healing Circles in 2019:

November 06,

November 20, November 27,

December 04, December 11

December 18


Healing Circles &

Sacred Body Work in Berlin

Healing & Light Activation Workshop with the New Codes for the Sacred Feminine and Masculine, with Anjuna Saran and Solomon Michael Nora.

November 24, 2019


Sacred Union – 

Mary Magdalene & Yeshua Healing Ceremony

Awakening Egypt Retreat with Anjuna Saran and

Za Rah Kumara. Reconnect to the ancient wisdom of Egypt and you spiritual power.

February 01–11, 2020


The Treasures of the 

Golden Temples


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