The Paradise Code


Your soul is the individual expression of your divine self, a space where your ego does not exist. In this space you are whole, you are full of bliss. From this space - from this beautiful light of your soul you create your own paradise.

Join me on this journey to create your very own paradise inside and outside.

I am based in Bali until June and am looking forward to connecting in person or online.

Om Shanti,

Upcoming events

  • Mystery School of Miracles:

    New Earth Healer &

    Light Priestess

    Online Advanced Training 


    Initiation into the

    White Sisterhood 

    of Mary Magdalene

    & Temple Healing Arts of Goddess Isis

    Live from Ibiza, Spain

    October 24th -

    November 1st, 2020

    via Zoom 

  • The Sacred 

    Queen & King Initiation

    of the Golden Age

    Siwa Desert Journey


    Celebrating the Golden Crystal Portal on 21.02.21 in Egypt:

    Through you, the new divine union codes of the new Queen & King will be anchored into the earth and into the human hearts

    February 21st - March 1st, 2021

    via Zoom

  • 11:11

    The Royal Codes of Divine Unity of Love



    The new queen & king will be ruling the New Golden Age of divine truth and abundance with a pure innocent loving heart of the twin flames energy and divine powers of creation

     November 11th, 2020

    via Zoom


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