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Temple of Christ Light - Heart of Lemuria | Bali


Temple of Christ Light - The Heart of Lemuria - Abundance Codes Beloved hearts, I am sending blessings and love from beautiful Bali, the divine portal of the Gods & Goddesses of abundance. I came here almost 2 months ago for a deep journey to activate the new Light Leader Paradigm. I was living in a 4-week incubator with almost 100 people from all over the world, where I was sharing the divine Christ codes of the new golden age. It was an important activation and a beautiful divine experience of council work. Our future is about co-creating the new golden civilizations and raising the frequency of the collective together. The new Christ consciousness is the key to open a new path of union where we unite in the light of love and higher wisdom. The star wisdom and the ancient wisdom needs to come together so we can activate our starlight temples of the inner heaven of God/Goddess. The next activation of the Christ Temple Tour is going to happen next Sunday, where you will receive the codes of Lemuria.This time we will open the Christ Heart Chakra of the Lemurian Temple in order to remember the Oneness within our hearts. Bali was Lemuria and always will be. The ancient blue flame of the Lemurians is still present here and their presence is so graceful.

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