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My Service of Light:  
High Priestess, Spiritual Healer and Healing Artist.

What is spiritual healing?

Divine healing through the medicine of the soul, angels and ascended masters is a method of energetic healing and spiritual channeling at ones.

Here we transmit divine consciousness and frequencies of unity in order to activate a state of healing and ascension. Divine codes and new technologies of the Star Beings can support the rising of the soul.Humanity is moving into a new phase of liberation and freedom. The medicine of the soul and the stars is the cosmology of divine wisdom.


The Calling of the Soul

 Healing with divine angels for the soul, body, mind and ancestor linage.

☥ Living from your dharma and explore your divine gifts your are born with.

☥ Connecting with the essence of your soul and activate your self healing powers.
☥ Being in service of your divine soul and purpose through your higher self consciousness - Star Blue Print.
☥ Creating a new earth in balance and harmony with your divine soul - Creation Codes.
☥ Planting the new star seeds on earth through the wisdom of the stars - Star Orakel / Channelling Akasha Records. ☥ Walking the path of gold with Goddess Isis for divine leadership and empowerment.
Walking the path of self mastery with Mary Magdalene, Jesus Sananda, Sarah Tamar, Mother Mary - Sacred Union Codes.
☥ Enlightening you being through the Council of Light and Ascended Masters.

☥ Divine feminine Christ, embodiment with Mary Magdalene sisterhood of the rose linage, anchoring the rose crystal light.
☥ Expansion into the new Christ Consciousness to rise the frequency within and without - Essener teachings

☥ Become a divine portal, medium and mentor for the new earth and others.
☥ Initiation into  the spiritual / energetic Soul Healer. Initiation into the  Priestess/ Priest of Light.

  • ​Awaken your inner Light: Fusion of Yoga, Dance, Meditation and Energy Transmission

  • Divine feminine circles & ceremonies  with Mary Magdalene, Goddess Isis and Mother Mary


​(Booking for Retreats, Festival or Events as Guest Teacher)

  • Reconnection with the light of your soul  

  • Karma healing - timeline healing 

  • Anchestor healing

  • Clearing of old programs and patterns & aura clearing 

  • Chakra clearing, balancing  and awakening

  • Womb healing 

  • Sacred Union healing - divine feminine & masculine

  • Return to source consciousness - higher self alignment

  • Blue Print of your soul

  • Divine Path of light & service of light

  • Land and space activation through crystalline grid

  • Priestess/ Priest of Light - spiritual trainings 

  • Path of the Goddess- divine feminine magic

  • Spiritual healer training - New Christ Light 

  • Divine Union Codes - communion with God/ Goddess 

  • Connection with Light Beings and Ascend Masters

  • Akasha record - past life and divine plan

  • Star Orakel - your spiritual roots

  • Channeling with Starbeings the new technology for humankind 

  • Channeling the best solution and guidance for your projects 

  • Spiritual coaching - unite spirit and matter

  • Soul guidance to fulfil your dream

  • Grounding the divine plan into the earth plan

  • Spiritual Wedding 

  • Self Marriage Ceremony 

  • Spiritual Midwife for pregnancy and baby birth 

  • Baptism( sacred Water Blessing) for adults and babies to receive the new christ light.

  • Anointing Ceremony to invoke your Soul Path of Light

  • Blessing of a building/ temple space


My offerings can be in person or online.

Please contact me for price and schedule!

Love & Blessings, Anjuna

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