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Lady Sarah


This Master offers healing and love. lt is thought that Lady Sarah in one of her incarnations was the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jeshua. This is why she is often referred to as the 'Christ' child. She comes to teach you how to anchor the truth of your higher vibrations on Earth and how to live and breathe this wisdom as your truth in order to build the new Earth in the Age of Aquarius. Sarah is a teacher and brings her light and love in sacred marriage as the twin flame within you to create the Divine Absolute- the Threefold Flame of God consciousness in the heart of all beings. She asks you to experience the divine truth within you as the living light on the Earth and to allow yourself to be empowered by this light through direct awakening and contact with the God self. This Master is a great healer and teacher of all healers on the planet for the new healing modalities. Sarah comes to you when you need to remember who you are the Divine Light. She comes to remind you to lift your vibration to meet the divine truth of you. lt is also said that she was also one of the wives of Moses who was a very powerful channel and it is thought it was she that channelled directly from God and guided Moses. According to the channel Rachel Goodwin who channels Sarah, she says "I am Love made manifest, I have come to awaken this in you all!"

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