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Mary Magdalene


Mary Magdalene stands for the woman of the new time, the new earth. She creates a new reality from the space of love, in harmony with her feelings, nature, the spiritual light-filled world and the divine plan. She leads humanity into enlightenment, into higher divine consciousness - the Christ Consciousness. In this consciousness, we live far away from separation, guilt, judgment or fear. She keeps the earth in the frequency of this new consciousness for the next 2000 years and supports the transformation. Until now, the goddess Athena, the fighter, held the world. With Mary Magdalene, new energy of receiving, being held and carried by the divine mother is reactivated; a loving energy of acceptance and healing, in which the sacred mystical knowledge unfolds. Through this energy and reactivated knowledge, we can create paradise inside and outside. She has the qualities of the mother, well-nourished, healthy, powerful, in trust and devotion to the flow of cosmic love. She is the new way of awakening and healing. She is also the guardian of the holy blue fire of Lemuria. Through this power our hearts open to the true paradisiacal self. She is the goddess priestess of all the oceans and holy water. Through her, Lemuria appears in us and we unite with our Lemurian ancestors, who bring all knowledge with them and thus activate our cosmic blueprints in us, the cosmic human being who is in harmony with the universe and the Holy Mother Earth.

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