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The Golden Temples of Eden


Anjuna Saran: Spiritual Healer, Channel & Artist. I am in service as a divine channel and healer for the Divine Mother and the 13 Goddesses Council of Light and Creation. I am representing the sacred divine feminine energies on earth, sharing my light codes and spiritual healing powers as a Light Priestess and Artist of the one loving heart of the eternal flame. My interest is to bring enlightenment from the highest realms and to open the hearts to unconditional love and higher wisdom. I'm delighted to share with you my live channelled light transmissions to empower and to enlighten the soul and to realign with your higher divine self. These frequencies are channelled from the angelic realms of the Golden Temples of Isis, Ishtar, Mary Magdalene & Jesus Sananda. These light code activations have magical healing powers and help you to transform into your higher frequencies. Blessed it be.

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