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My Service of Light
High Priestess, Spiritual Healer and Healing Artist.

The medicine of the soul and the stars is the cosmology of divine wisdom.

We are called to open to further divine guidance to receive this upgrade for generations.


This spiritual healing work opens the akashic records and the libery of God/ Goddess, where all the information of universal creation is stored.

 Here I am opening the etheric realms of divine light and connecting with the "Healing Sphere of the Universe", the "Theta Frequency".

To enter this space, the spiritual healer has to be initiated into the method of multidimensional healing in order to step into coherence with the divine guides and masters. A huge transformation and unfolding of the personality needs to happen in order to hold this divine frequency of healing and the codes of divine creation.


Here you recognize that the beings of light and the higher self are vibrating on the same frequency of unity and love. 

The spiritual healer has the power to transmit this divine information into the auric field, the chakras and the 12 light bodies and change inner alchemy.

The alchemy of gold is a powerful Egyptian teaching of the goddess Isis, Osiris and Horus, where you transmute all lower energies into the light with the power of Ra (sun). This transmutation is the entry into the higher Christ consciousness.


The divine frequency of unity and the conscious prayers of light are opening the portals of healing. Receiving the crystalline codes of ascension is upgrading your human self to a cosmic self. This is the new divine way of healing. The cosmic divine light of the Goddess Sophia Christ is offering all the healing tools and magic necessary to move into the next phase of your sacred life. Here you enter a space of divine truth, divine love and divine power.

The earth and your body will receive the frequency of your higher soul and align with this energy. 

Greater health, well-being and serendipity will unfold as you are vibrating more strongly with the field of divine love and attracting the magic of light. 

This will influence your life with positive manifestations and connections.

How I am working:

I am working with the Akashic Records of the Universe and reading the energy field of your aura. I am guiding you into a meditative state where your whole being is relaxing and surrendering to divine guidance and healing light.

My divine channel of light brings the best solutions of healing and creation for your soul and body.

By combining healing hands, sound healing, light language and spiritual coaching, I am able to perfectly guide you into the next spiritual evolution of your soul. This method is one of the most powerful transformations you can experience.

I am working with the highest light of healing, the Christ Consciousness!

As a bodyworker for many years, I know how important it is to stay grounded and have a deep connection with the body and the earth. 

We are having a human experience as a soul and healing should always be considered holistically.


I work as a medium and messenger too, so every session contains important information from your ancestors, your oversoul, your divine self or your star family which can support you in clearing obstacles or distractions in your life.

Every disease has a spiritual or energetic background or reason and can be dissolved and transformed immediately.  

The path of suffering does not have to be your reality as you step into more awareness and consciousness of what is within you and what is playing out.

The magic of this method and the positive outcome:


Spiritual Healing or Medicine from the Soul is a powerful way to transmit pure divine light directly from source into your being and unlock your star blueprints in order to explore your divine DNA potential. Here you can expand your consciousness into your "I am" presence.

They also assist in opening your light channel, empowering your divine self and transforming you into a better version of yourself.

They give divine guidance on how to create from a place of divine alignment of your soul purpose.


This soul medicine is a powerful energy to gracefully grow into a beautiful radiance of light, rejuvenating and nourishing you at the same time. 

It gives you the power to overcome old patterns and programs of yourself, your ancestors, your family and your soul's agenda. 

It is motivating and refreshing as you dive deep into the ancient wisdom of your soul, you fly higher into the realms of love and light.

Stepping into the Temple of Light is a special gift from heaven to expand into your divine consciousness and recharge yourself from a source of unconditional love.

My Star Blue Print:

As an embodied channel of the new Christ light, I am walking my path mainly with the holy family, such as Jesus Sananda, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Sarah Tamar, Sophia Isis and the star beings of our universe. They are guiding us towards a new timeline of "Christ Light Healing" since 2012. This light is free source light and divine love.

As High Priestess of Isis and Mary Magdalene, I am representing a new lineage of the feminine Christ that opens up great possibilities to grow with more freedom and love. It is compatible with modern times! We are called to let go of the old version of Christ, such as suffering and guild consciousness, and open up to more unity consciousness from the heart.

The new golden Christ within is the calling for this world. We are all Christ and we are called to unite in this truth.

I am looking forward to assist you towards more self-love, true self-realization and empowerment of your divine potential.


Love & Blessings, Anjuna


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