Crystalline: Atlantis Soul Codes Activation

The embodiment of your divine

self through the new Crystalline Soul Codes

October 5th - 9th, 2020 // 5PM - 7:30/8 PM CET/IBIZA TIME

Beloved ones, 

I would like to invite you to a very special online workshop live from the Atlantis portal Ibiza! This life-changing program will be unlocking the blueprint of your Atlantis Soul.

The Atlantis energy on earth wants to be reactivated in our hearts and to create a balance between heaven, the ocean, the earth, and all living beings. These Atlantis codes manifest in a crystalline frequency and geometry and have the information of purity, clarity, and divine essence. The energy is connected to the sacred waters of the earth reflecting the universe and our sky with all its creative energies and forms.

We already had the opportunity to get in touch with this energy on the Galactic New Year in July and during the portal on September 9th. Now the journey continues...

Atlantis was an empire before Ancient Egypt and therefore many stories exist. They say, if we heal the times of Atlantis inside of us, our soul is healed and we can re-sort and activate the stars on earth and the crystalline balance on all levels. It was also traded that Atlantis was actually a space ship that needed to land on earth, with a cast colony of many different star beings on a mission in space to bring spiritual progress and peace. 

The qualities of Atlantis are to communicate telepathically, to work with frequencies as we know it from the whales, dolphins, and mermaids, to shift disturbing energies into balance and harmony, and to raise the collective consciousness of the earth. They have access to the universal source of the spiritual knowledge of creation and are very elegant, true light beings, which mostly move in a floating manner. Expressing themselves requires a special high spiritual intelligence moving matter or manifesting it because it is the free energy of love and creation. 

My story about Atlantis: 
As you know, I am in Ibiza right now and this place is very connected to Atlantis and called me to come already last year. I was allowed to activate an Atlantis Isis Temple underwater, right under Es Verda. While being underwater and I have created certain sounds and movements I was not even aware I knew. With my open eyes, I could see how the Crystal Temple appeared and hundreds of Atlantis priestesses and priests were freed. 

At this moment, I was guided by my higher self and with further research as well as deeper meditation I was shown the truth about the Atlantis beings:
We were an Atlantis priesthood and we protected a great treasure, the pure divine knowledge. Living in the Isis Temple, our task was to keep the balance between heaven and earth and to channel and teach the divine universal knowledge. 
Being threatened by another species, we had to lock ourselves in to secure the treasure. By hiding the temple underwater, we could not be discovered and we closed the temple with sacred codes. Being one of them, I intuitively knew the code to re-open and activate the temple again. My Atlantis-self has been liberated and the star knowledge and the powers of that time are returning bit by bit. It is pure magic!

My Atlantis-self name is Selina and she has been traumatized. Now, one year later, I am still progressing. It means a lot to me because it is the access to my original star Lyra, the place my soul comes from. The Atlantis soul is a great master of spiritual progress and mental abilities. Being locked for so many years is the reason for the spiritual powers not been lived for thousands of years. The fear was too great.
Now that we are in the new Golden Age, these lost parts of us want to be naturally freed and reactivated, for us and for the collective.

We are called to activate and to unblock this gift. Atlantis wants to return in your heart and the old wounds of your soul from this time want to be healed, which is a big key for the conclusion of your soul purpose on this earth. It's time for this deep journey of soul connection with the Atlantis being in order to bring the wisdom and the mystery back into our lives and to support the New Earth Rising and the joy of all souls!

Love & Grace, Anjuna

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The embodiment of your divine self through the new Crystalline Soul Codes

This 5-day online workshop is developed for you to shift your being into a crystalline frequency, which is the consciousness of the New Golden Age. When you remember your original crystalline soul frequency you can raise the energy on the planet simply just through your essence and align with your future self. 

This program will be fully channeled from the crystalline cosmic Goddess Isis and her angelic crystal beings, the Atlantis Priestess Council and water beings, the wales, mermaid, and dolphins. The Atlantis goddess wants to return in your heart in order to bring cosmic harmony between the stars and earth.

The Atlantis Goddess is calling us to reconnect and to realign with our crystalline consciousness. In Atlantis times we were blessed with many gifts of manifestation and telepathy. We lived in a sacred priestess hood and shares the treasures of the stars. Ibiza is also a part of Atlantis and here we can connect deeper with the star conscious of our angelic star being.

Supporting the crystalline elevation of humanity into the 5th dimension 
5***** workshop, 5 topics, 5 days. 

Soul Essence Activation:
1. Awakening 
2. Healing 
3. Transformation 
4. Ascension
5. Creation  

October 5th - 9th, 2020
5 PM - 7:30/8 PM CET / Berlin Time 
11 PM - 1:30/2 AM WITA / Bali Time 
11 AM - 1:30/2 PM EST / New York Time

Energy exchange:      333 €

If you are joining the Advanced Training starting October 24th, the energy exchange for this workshop is 222 Euro instead of 333 Euro.

Maybe now you feel like joining both!

The course fee includes the 5-day online workshop, the live recordings,

and as well as three additional special recordings.  

Please send an application directly to Anjuna via the form below. 


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