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Divine Lovers, Mary Magdalene &
Jesus Sananda
The Holy Grail Retreat
Activation of the Christ Blueprint of Divine Union 

 The White Sisterhood & Brotherhood of the Holy Grail. 

 Code Keepers of the Divine Christ Consciousness! 

SOUTH OF FRANCE | September 03 - 08, 2021

for woman and man

Beloved hearts of the Divine,


We are opening a portal of Divine Love & Wisdom in the South of France on the Holy Grail Land. This sacred land of the Magdalene light has its own mystery and powers to connect more deeply with the divine light and teachings of the Holy Grail. 


Do you feel a deep longing to connect with the energy of the Holy Grail and is there a memory of knowing this frequency? Do you feel a connection to past lives related to this mystery? Do you feel Mary Magdalene and Jesus as your divine guides to enter into deeper wisdom and healing for your being?Well, then it is time to follow your soul's guidance into the heavenly consciousness of your divine truth and divine power of love.



Mary Magdalene lived for many years in the south of France with her daughter Sara Tamar and mother Mary after she left Jerusalem, and she taught as a high priestess and healer with the Christ codes and the wisdom of love. We find many places in this land where you can feel her spirit around you. The mission of the crusader was to secure the wisdom of the Holy Grail after they brought it from Jerusalem to Avalon to France. They have protected the Holy Family and the secrets surrounding the Grail Light for many hundreds of years. There is a castle called Monsegur where they have concealed the Grail and treated it as a pure portal of Chris Consciousness. So what is this Holy Grail all about?


The Divine Truth:

There are many stories about the Holy Grail in the world, and some may be true, some may not, but there is only one truth, that the Holy Grail is a divine consciousness of the Christ Light within you, which gives you access to a deeper understanding of what it means to be in a state of samadhi in full union with God. This state of being gives you full access to your divine potential.


The Mission:

The path of the rose of unconditional love and the white lily, the pure spirit of the divine, leads you directly into the arms of the divine lovers Mary Magdalene and Jesus Sananda, who represent the one loving heart of golden light, the golden rose of the Holy Grail. The golden chalice of the golden Christ light is waiting to be revealed through opening to the mystery of your soul and through the embodiment of your divine self. Awaken your holy treasures, for your inner sanctuary of the light will be life changing and you will become a holy Grail Code keeper. The golden chalice of abundance, higher love and wisdom will bring you inner wealth and create prosperity on all levels of your being. Walking a path in divine wisdom, guided wise by the union of the divine Mother & Father, will open your multidimensional consciousness of the holy Christ within. The cosmic harmony and melody of creation will reveal to you a whole new perspective of your entire soul. Become the divine expression of your eternal soul on earth and beyond will be a blessing for your ancestors and all coming generations!



Me, Anjuna Saran Magdalene have been Sara Tamar, the daughter of Mary Magdalene and Jesus in my last reincarnation 1000 years ago and I carry the holy grail codes in my heart and womb since birth. The holy grail codes preserve the divine feminine and divine masculine energy and powers of divine union and higher wisdom.

Being a divine channel and healer through Mary and Jesus for many years, I have the power and confidence to share these divine codes. I am called to lead a group of divine lovers to sacred sites in the South of France to remember these codes through light transmissions and teachings through Mary Magdalene, Jesus and the golden child Sara.

We will stay in a retreat centre built by Tom Kenyon who channeled the book of Mary Magdalene Manuscript, the love story about Mary & Jesus.



My Vision:

I am looking forward, dear hearts, to walk with you through this epic portal of divine love and light and raise the frequency back to a pure and innocent heart. The golden rose of abundance will blossom through your heart and eyes and through your divine presence alone the environment will rise in its divine beauty.


We are golden light

We are pure Christ Consciousness 

We are golden soul family 

We are source

We are the creator of the golden age.

...and we are so loved!



Channeling from Maria Magdalene and Jesus:


Beloved heart, 

we are welcoming you golden child of the golden future. We are opening our heavenly gate for you to meet us in union within your heart. The time has come for you to open for a deeper healing and revelation of your true self. 

Golden light will shower you on your path of divine truth. We are calling you to sit still and go to insight. We are calling you to be with us and to merge with us into the heavenly grace of divine love. Your desire to remember your linage, your holy family, will be released when you open your heart and receive us in your dreams. Union with us is your key to enter into God consciousness. The Holy Grail Light is your mission to share with the world. We are the Magdalene Consciousness and the White Brotherhood of Jesus and we are here to co-create with you through our Divine Temples of Love and Light. The Holy Grail Codes will give you the power and wisdom to step into your higher potential of love creation. We are waiting for you at the entrance of the Christ Portal of God & Goddess Heart. Blessed you are!

You are so loved.

Mary & Jesus.


Blessed it be.

With all the divine love. 

Anjuna Saran Magdalena & the Cosmic Council of Light.



*Healing the Christ lineage within

*Light transmissions of the holy Grail energy 

*Conception of Light through the Christ Rose Light / Womb Activation

*Revelation of the inner Christ

*Star connection to the Sun Tribe and Sirius/Venus

*Expansion of the cosmic Christ consciousness 

*Your past life with Mary & Jesus - your role and blessing/mission

*Reconnecting with the soul-star mission related to the Holy Grail

*Anchoring the golden Christ light in the world

*Teaching how to work with the holy grail codes

*Opening to the white brotherhood and sisterhood of the Divine

*Christ blueprint activation

*Channeling your divine master plan

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The retreat is open to both women and men, and of course, couples.

Check in: 3.09. - 15.00 p.m.
*Ceremony starts - 16.30 p.m.

Check out: 8.08. - 10.00 a.m.



We will stay in the Centre Les Labadous:

 close to Rennes-Le-Château in Bugarach area of Toulouse.

The closest airport is in Carcassonne, Toulouse or Bezier (Weeze-Bezier).

Cars are needed to share from the airport to the venue.

Come and discover your Self in this land steeped in sunshine, history and legends.

Les Labadous is a peaceful place. The name, in the old Occitan language, refers to cleansing. Many find a clean energy here, a calm that allows healing allows access to the essence beyond a busy life. His heritage includes the Tour Magdala and Villa Bethania,
a lovely garden and the famous church dedicated to Mary Magdalene.


-    Rennes Le Chateau church and sacred land 

-    Nature of Mountain Bugarash

-    The real Mary Magdalene Caves

-    Holy grail Castel Monserat

-    The Isis Throne

-    The holy springs 

1200 EUR  Full Price

Deposit of 500 EUR to safe your spot till August 8th.

Rest Payment fee till August 20th.


-    Retreat Center  accommodation (double room)

⁃    full board vegetarian food 

  ⁃    All light transmission/ teachings 


Golden Community Discount
200 EUR till August 15th.

for those who have already participated in a retreat by Anjuna

Payment Plan possible if necessary!

Corona Situation:

You will be updated about any changes and new restrictions.

At the moment you only need a Covid Test when you enter France from any
european country. Please check with your embassy of your own country,
if you come from overseas.


The Deposit is in general non- refundable.

In case the retreat center refunds the deposit you will benefit from it too. 

Can you feel the call?

Limited spaces!

Book now to safe your spot!

End of registration 20.08.21!

If you have any question please contact Anjuna.

Terms & Conditions

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Please fill out the registration form below and take your time to answer the four questions about your spiritual practice. After your request has been reviewed, you will receive an email with the details on how to proceed with the registration process.

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