The Golden Sacred Union Retreat
The New Queen & King Initiation 
of the Golden Age

The two pearls of Egypt: Siwa & Nubia

EGYPT | April 17-29, 2021


This tour offers you a very unique itinerary, connecting the two pearls of Egypt: Siwa and Nubia.

The Oasis of Siwa is hidden in the Western Desert, it is the home of the Amazigh People, known as the „Noble Men”. This faraway paradise was not a part of Ancient Egypt, however, it played a very significant role in keeping the energetic balance of Kemet. Siwa has a strong magical power, which called Alexander the Great to journey here, through the desert and through a lot of obstacles. Siwa also offered a safe place to Cleopatra, when she was escaping the rage of her brother. Some believe that Mary Magdalane is the granddaughter of Cleopatra, and was also visiting Siwa and the famous Oracle Temple. There are legends talking about Pharaohs trying to reach Siwa, and never returning.

The other pearl of Egypt is Nubia, a kingdom on its own, the other balance point for Kemet, it has started by Elephantine Island, where the Nile became too wild for the Egyptians to control it. Nubia is the land of the Queens, all strong and famous Egyptian queens has a strong connection to Nubia, some of them  left behind their temples deep in the desert of Nubia. Nubia with its colored houses looks like a fairy land and the Nubian people are guardians of the Golden Times of Atlantis.

Siwa  was the initiation place of the Kings of Egypt and Nubia was the initiation place of the Queens. Kemet was great and flourishing till the King and Queen did the initiation journey, and their Divine Union was the base for balance and justice in the land of Isis.

We call you to journey with us, following the steps of Kings and Queens through the desert, to do your own initiation journey to balance the masculine and feminine within you and in your life!  Come and discover the ancient places and the gifts they can offer to your Soul and everyday life!

Image by Alex Azabache


April 17 /Arrival at Cairo Airport

Our representative will meet you at Cairo International Airport and escort you through Customs. Transfer to the hotel.


April 18/ Travel to Marsa Matrouh

After breakfast, we will travel to the North Coast of Egypt, to Marsa Matrouh. We will stay in the beautiful Jaz Almaza Beach Hotel by the turquoise water of the Mediterranean. we will meditate on the beach, connecting with the wild beauty of the elements, and the memories of Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, and all those who started their initiation journey from here before.

April 19 / Travel to Siwa

After breakfast, we are continuing our journey through the desert towards Siwa. After arrival, we will visit the Siwa House, which is the local museum showing the traditional Amazigh lifestyle.

Before sunrise, we will climb to Shali, the old city of Siwan people. Shali was the home of Amazigh people since the 13th century, but the mud-brick buildings were washed away by a 3-day rain in 1926. The remains of the old city are now in the center of Siwa, holding a lot of memories.

There will be free time to discover the many shops offering Siwan handmade treasures and of course the famous Siwan dates and olive oil.


April 20/ Desert Safari

After breakfast in the hotel, we embark on our jeeps driven by the experienced Siwan desert guides and start our discovery of the dunes of the Great Sand Sea. The breathtaking Great Sand Sea is the third largest dune field of the World, and Siwa is the northern gate of it. In the 2 days, we will travel through the dunes, climb the mountains formed from the sand and the left-overs of the ancient sea, which once covered the area. We will connect with meteorites, crystals, fossils. We will bathe in the natural hot and cold waters of the desert, eat our lunch between the dunes and enjoy the sunset by the desert fire while drinking the famous Siwan tea. We will do four elemental initiation journeys, connecting to the wisdom of air, water, fire,ew and earth.

We will close the desert trip by meditating by the feet of Adrere Amelel, the Sacred White Mountain of Siwa and having our candlelight dinner in the amazing Taziry Ecolodge.


April 21 / Oracle Temple, Bath of Cleopatra

After breakfast, we will enjoy the turquoise detoxifying water of the Siwan Salt Mines and then the water of the Cleopatra Bath, where we will have free time to look at the shops and try the wonderful fresh juices of the café.  The bathing will be our preparation for our sunset ceremony in the Oracle Temple.


The Oracle Temple is the place for initiation with the fifth element, Love.

The Siwan Oracle Temple was famous like the Oracle Temple of Delphoi or Dodona. Alexander the Great received the life-changing message of the Oracle Priestesses here. He was proclaimed by them as the Son of the Sun God, and this made him the Pharaoh of Egypt. Of course, there was a lot more to this message from the Oracle, his initiation journey continued here for many days and nights, he was tested by the priestesses and the message was revealed when he was ready to rule from his Soul as a Sacred King. We will connect to the sacred space of the Oracle Temple, walk the maze of the Temple, we will listen to our own messages whispered to us by the Priestesses still present energetically, and meet for a healing ritual on the Sanctuary of the Sanctuaries.


April 22/Sunrise, travel to the Lemurian coast

We will do a circle of gratitude at sunrise at a magical location by the Salt Lakes.

We will say our farewell to Siwa and after breakfast in the hotel, we start our bus journey towards the North Coast of Egypt. We check in to our beautiful hotel and enjoy the amazing white sand and the turquoise sea.


April 23 /North Coast

This is a half- day at leisure by the Mediterranean in the heart-opening Lemurian energies of the North Coast of Egypt. After lunch (optional) we will travel to Cairo. Dinner in Kriszta’s home, transfer to the hotel.


April 24/ Giza Plateau, Sphinx ceremony

We will start with a beautiful ceremony at sunrise between the paws of the Sphinx. This will be followed by breakfast in Mena House, and a walk on the Giza Plateau with a visit into the womb of the Middle Pyramid. Dinner in the hotel.


April 25/ Kalabsha Temple

Fight to Aswan, early afternoon we will visit the Temple of Kalabsha. We will start in the main building of this Nubian temple, connecting to Mendulis, and to his essence of being able to strip away what we do not need anymore. We will offer all those parts of us that we do not want to carry anymore to the transformative space of the temple.

We will finish the temple visit in the Sanctuary of Qertassi – the Nubian name for Hathor – where we start our preparation for the next part of the journey, opening the gate for dreams and visions.

Dinner in the hotel, after dinner possibility, to receive henna from the Nubian women.


April 26 / Full Moon ceremony by the Priestess Gate

Morning for free in the Nubian Village.

In the afternoon teaching and preparation for the Full Moon Ceremony in the Nubian Village. Ceremony in the energy of the Super Moon by the Priestess Gate, on the Nile. The gate is located on the original Sacred Island of Isis and Osiris. The island was called the Forbidden Island as only those initiated into the mysteries of Isis and Osiris were allowed to step to the land of it.


April 27/ Abu Simbel

After early breakfast, we start our journey to Abu Simbel. According to the official theory, the two temples of Abu Simbel are the mortuary temples of Ramses II. And His Great Queen, Nefertari. In my Soul-knowledge the Nefertari Temple was the mystery school of Hathor, where the priestesses of Hathor were trained and where the Queen was initiated. The Ramses Temple was a place of healing, where the priestesses of Hathor lead the wounded – energetically or physically - men back to the fullness of their Soul. The Nubians call these temples Nubian temples, and it was a sacred place and mystery school of Hathor since ancient times, long before the rule of Ramses II.


April 28/ Isis Temple

We will spend the morning at the Isis Temple, we will have a light lunch on the Priestess Island, and we will hold there the closing ceremony as well.

Dinner in the Nubian Village, followed by Nubian dancing and drumming.


April 29/travel home

Check out of the hotel, and transfer to Cairo airport for your flight.

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