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Dolphin Healing Retreat

Sansibar, Africa | January 04-14, 2018

Crystal Healing. Soul Light Yoga. Meditation. Spiritual Awakening

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The New Year Retreat 2018 is under the sign of the Dolphin, which will bring us bliss, blessings, healing and spiritual growth. The angel of the ocean will open the space of your sensibility, playfulness, joy. It is medicine for the soul to connect to this wonderful energy that is very present on Sansibar. The island is an energetic portal for us to open ourselves for deeper love and divine guidance. The retreat will allow you to align yourself for the new year, express and manifest your heart's desire, while letting go of what no longer serves you. It will give you the space and time to reconnect to your inner wisdom. You will receive healing for your heart and soul, as well as an opening to your spiritual capabilities, clarity and a deeper connection to your intuition. Your soul will appear in its clearest form. 


We will create a space of awakening, healing, and growth in Sansibars beautiful nature. We will dive into our divine capabilities and awaken our individuality and creativity.

  • January 04          Arrival in Sansibar

  • January 05          Start of the course program

  • January 12          End of the course program

  • January 13-14     Integration - just do nothing

Course program 

  • 07 - 09 am          Sunrise Soul Flow Yoga

  • 05 - 07 pm         Sunset Healing and energetic work

  • Daytime             Free time - Swimming, day trip, creative work

  • Evenings            Dinner is not included in the course program

  • Optional            Individual healing sessions, swimming with Dolphins

Costs and Booking

  • Accommodation, incl. half board :  70 € / night in a double room, 140 € / night in a single room

  • Course fee: 440 €

  • Total costs: 1.140 € in a double room

  • A deposit is required to secure your spot

  • The retreat is limited to 8-10 people

  • Please send booking inquiries to


We will stay in the beautiful resort "Baladin", right by the sea with a dedicated yoga sala. We will be able to relax and integrate after the yoga and healing sessions. 

The resort with 8 single bungalows and a main house with 4 rooms offers accommodation for up to 44 guests. We offer a restaurant, yoga and massage pavilion and a swimming pool. It is located in the small village of Michamvi-Pingwe in the center of the east coast and is build in a traditional style with a touch of modernity. All rooms offer a double or 2 single beds with an ensuite bathroom. Tea and coffee makers, as well as water are provided in the room. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes ranging from local (Suaheli) to Italian cuisine and tropical-exotic menus.

The resort will open in November 2017 but check out the Balandin resorts in Italy ( and Morrocco (

More information on Dolphin Medicine

The dolphin as power animal brings joy, ease, and playfulness into your life. It is a very sensitive animal, and inspires you to discover your own sensibility, which is much more than irrelevant or annoying emotions. Learn to discover, understand, and use your sensibility to enrich your life and manifest your goals. The dolphin can telepathically perceive emotions and thoughts and will inspire you to develop the same capability. Maybe you often feel like you know how others feel or think and maybe you often know what others are going to say before they even say it. It is important to let others express their thoughts and emotions - even if you know what it is about. But if you use your powers though to strengthen your intuition and prepare the right steps, others will feel naturally drawn to you. The dolphin as power animal also brings you the medicine of colours, sounds and communication. Your soul is longing for creative expression and realisation. Discover your creative powers - for example drawing, singing, or writing. Find your own personal soul medicine that allows you to recharge.

If the dolphin comes into your life as a power animal, it will guide you back to the divine source, where you will find shelter and hope. It also offers comfort and opens your heart for the eternal love. Be happy, perky, and cooperative like the dolphin who roams the sea full of high spirits and joy. Swim with the dolphin through the ocean of life and learn how to ride the waves.

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