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The White Shaman

Bali, Indonesia | April 16 - May 03, 2018

A womens retreat with Shirin Anjuna and Frauke Schroth

Wild Power & Intuition. The White Shaman connects heaven and earth to bring down wisdom and love!

Her task is to reconnect the spiritual with the material world. To open the human heart and create universal balance in us and on earth. She stands for peace and light.

The White Shaman works with the power of her soul, the power of nature and the intelligence of the universe. The heavens are guiding her. She is aware of her spiritual power as a human being. She loves to express and experience her beauty through movement and dance. We all have great unknown forces in us that want to be reawakened. In times of great imbalance and transformation, the energy of change is calling for responsibility. Responsibility for ourselves and also for mama earth. Experience one week filled with magic. Connect to your inner wild power and intuition. Gain deeper understanding of your souls yearning and learn how to live your soul purpose in an active, vibrant and joyful way.


In this retreat you get the chance to connect with your inner White Shaman. We use tools from spiritual work, energy work and mental work as well as from bodywork like yoga and dance.

  • April 26      Arrival in Bali

  • April 27      Start of the program

  • May 03       End of the program

  • May 04       Integration


  • 07 - 09 am   Sunrise Soul Yoga

  • 05 - 07 pm   Sunset Healing

Energy & spiritual work with Shirin: 

  • soul light work + ancestor healing + karma work + healing journeys + meditation + rituals with a balinese water priestess

Mental and body work with Frauke:

  • dynamic & yin yoga + awareness practices for the body +visualisations + pranayama 


  • Accommodation and full board:      700 € in a shared room

  • Course fee:                                        600 €

  • Total cost:                                          1.300 € in a shared room

Travel expenses from and to Bali are in addition to this total price.

The retreat is limited to 8-10 people. A deposit is required to secure your spot.

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