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Mystery School of Miracles:

New Earth Healer & Light Priestess Online Advanced Training

Initiation into the White Sisterhood  of

Mary Magdalene & Temple Healing Arts of Goddess Isis

My beautiful sister of light,


my heart sings that you have found me on this divine path of healing and awakening.


The entire universe, the earth, collective humanity and each one of us is experiencing a major shift. We have come together at this time and place to collectively raise the collective consciousness on all levels of our being. Mary Magdalene is our divine leader, opening our inner golden temple and creating with us the sacred temples on this earth. Together, we dance in the light of love and manifest miracles that fill our hearts.


We are the sisters of light and we are on this earth to shine the light and love of the Divine Mother through our hearts. We are called to release our karma and connect with our divine souls, so that the divine love may flow freely and we may find each other again in sacred sister- and brotherhood. The sisterhood of light is our source of strength, connecting us with sisters, priestesses and healers through all dimensions and times. We begin to remember who we are and why we came. We kindle a sacred fire of transformation and liberation for our own and the collective soul of all beings on earth. Our consciousness begins to vibrate in a higher dimensions and through that we create a new beautiful earth within and around us. 


The Light Priestess and Healer Training is designed to reactivate your healing powers and skills so you may become a divine channel of light for the new earth and humanity, anchoring the divine light into the hearts of those around you. As a Light Priestess and Healer you learn to step aside from your ego, emotions and patterns in order to let the divine mother and light beings work through you. More and more will take full ownership and responsibility for your healing powers with the intention to bring the light through you. 

The training will help you to reconnect with your divine truth and to develop the confidence to share your truth with the world. You will liberate your soul and experience your infinite potential. You will  become a healing artist, expressing your divine individuality for the highest good of the earth. 

May you be blessed by the angels of light.

May my power unite with yours and may we together bless the humans of the new earth.

May we return to the divine source and the Lumurian Garden Eden on Earth.

May we meet in joy, love and unity!

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October 24th - November 1st, 2020

We will return to the Golden Temple of celebration, creation, and healing arts. 

Overall advanced training topics:
Initiations into the Lineage with Mary Magdalene & Jesus Sananda
Channeling of divine messages and guidance
Temple Arts & Mystery of Goddess Isis (Sirius)
Light language, Sound Healing & Cosmic Healing Dance

of Goddess Hathor (Venus)
Healing & Activation of Sacred Feminine

& Masculine/Sacred Union Codes
Sacred Sexuality & Creation: The Alchemy of Love and Light 
Tools and knowledge of designing a healing ceremony 
Cosmic Shamanism: Time Travels & Healing of Mother Earth

Activation of the Golden Christ Heart and healing hands

through Mary Magdalene ​
Activation of your blueprint, connection to your angelic being

Activation of the template for your divine soul plan on earth 

The daily program from 

October 24th to November 1st:

From 2 PM to around 6 or 7 PM

Transmissions and teachings with Anjuna and group or solo practice


Optional three to four morning sessions
from 9 AM - 11 AM 

with either
Anjuna offering Sacred Body Work


Guest Teacher Shirin offering sacred dance & mystery


Guest Teacher Marila offering vocal lessons

The mornings are optional, will be recorded, and can be practiced during the training week or after. 

All lessons and training will be introduced via 
Zoom Meetings / Manuscripts / Audio.

It would be wonderful if you can join all classes but in case of absence,
a recording will be shared. 

Sharing circles via Zoom to connect with sisters and to evolve together. 

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Course fee:       1.300 €

The course fee includes advanced training and all teachings, recordings, and additional material. 

Online training spots are limited, therefore please book as soon as possible.

Course fee must be paid directly to secure your spot. 

Previous experience with energetic and spiritual work is required since the course program is quite intense. You are also welcome to acquire the recorded version of the Level 1 Light  Priestess and  Healer Training before if needed. Please find all further information below.


Please send an application directly to Anjuna via the form below and briefly describe your experience and motivation for this online training. 

Terms & Conditions


Level 1 / Pre-Recorded  

The New Earth Healer & Light Priestess is an intense program designed to help you remember who you are and who you have always been – a being of pure light, a light priestess of the lineage of Mary Magdalene.

Topics we will cover during the program:​
Self-love and acceptance of all your aspects - light and darkness
Healing the inner (magic) child 
Speaking your own truth and power of expression
Releasing karmic patterns and codes 
Connection to your spirit guides, your master & higher self
Initiation into angelic healing and priestesshood
with the codes of Mary Magdalene and Goddess Isis
Activation of the golden Christ Heart and healing hands

through Mary Magdalene ​
Activation of your blueprint, connection to your angelic being

Activation of the template for your divine soul plan on earth 
Channelling of divine messages and guidance


All will be introduced via 
Videos / Audio / Manuscript.
Please block around two hours per day to practice. 


Course fee: 800 €

The course fee includes
all videos, audios and the manuscript.

Please send an application directly to Anjuna via the form below and briefly describe your experience and motivation for this training. 


Terms & Conditions

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