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* The Blue Rose Priestess Essence* -
Online Initiation into the Priestess Path by Mary Magdalene, Sarah Tamar & Mother Mary.

August 09 - 11. 2024

Right after the powerful Lions Gate 8:8

Beloved Sisters,
we are called to invoke the sacred blue flame of ascension within our souls and wombs. The twin flame consciousness of our divine self, the inner union through the Holy Grail of the Rose, the feminine Christ.


The Sanctuary of the Cosmic Blue Rose is held by the ascended Masters Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Lady Sarah in a powerful triangle of cosmic union.

They are representing the sacred soul and womb consciousness of the Mother Goddess Sophia.

The codes of the Blue Rose are perfectly aligned with the creation codes of the Goddess herself. This Order of Light holds the consciousness of the blue flame, the twin flame of the sacred union. The sanctuary of the Blue Rose is a sacred and secret priestesshood between worlds and supports the ascension and descension process of human souls, guiding them towards their higher purpose.


They are using the technology of the cosmic rose consciousness of Sophia Christ. Here they are transmitting the cosmic star wisdom of creation through your soul star chakra into your womb chakra. After this initiation, a womb of a woman is no longer just a human womb, it transmutes into the golden Christ womb, the Holy Grail womb of light.

This womb gets incredible powers to give birth and create from the "Divine Sophia Consciousness", that means they will be connected to the birth library of the Goddess. All will be possible from now on. But in order to do so, they will have to go through several initiations with the blue twin flame and the spiral light of the rose to internalize the feminine powers and transmute into the light. Light conceptions are gifted by the Goddess as a possibility to grow into a higher divine ability to connect, feel, sense and create. It transforms you into a higher frequency of divine union. Golden fertility codes are flowing through your womb of light!


This online training is be considered for self healing and self realisation.

Next year you can attend in South of France for the whole training to maintain this very special Initiation and teachings. 

The Training is also considered to offer the knowledge as a Priestess of Light to your community. Read more about the Training in South of France here.

August 09 - 11. 2024

  • Priestess of the Blue Rose Initiation - Astral Journey to the Temple of Sophia

  • Akasha Records & Cosmic Channeling (Star Oracle)

  • Womb Healing and Blessing with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

  • Light Conception with Sarah Tamar  

  • Energetic / Spiritual Healing with the Power of the Goddess Trinity

The Course will be 4 hours per day and starts in the morning from 10 am to 2 pm.


The retreat is open for women.

555 EUR Full Price

444 EUR until June 30.

Limited space

Register closes August 1.

If you have any question please contact Anjuna.

Terms & Conditions



To register, please apply with your deepest call and desire for this journey to the following e-mail:

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