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The Golden Queen 
"The Divine Feminine Leadership"

Initiation into the Goddess Energy of Magic.
Women's Empowerment Spiritual Training 

October 26. - November 2. 2024

Dear Queens,

I am so delighted to share this powerful spiritual program of "Divine Feminine Leadership" with you. It is truly time to invoke your Queen Codes and activate your golden throne of light.


The Golden Queen of divine light is within every woman and wants to be reborn. We are in a special time of empowerment for women on many levels.

Women are called to become the new leaders for the new golden earth. It is truly amazing what is happening around the globe these days. Women are standing up for their rights and speaking their truth. The Queen is awakening these days, and she has the power to lead from the higher heart, in coherence with the stars and the earth.

Women are mothers by nature, and therefore they care for all beings. They are mainly interested in nourishment and growth, they have superpowers as they give birth. They are coming directly from the Goddess and so their nature is sacred and royal. The divine feminine is the key to bring through the divine light on earth.

Feminine powers create a golden reality of abundance and harmony in alignment with the Goddess of Creation and Love.


Divine Feminine Leadership:

I invite you to celebrate this "Goddess-Queen" within yourself and make her alive and strong. Stepping into your full freedom and sovereignty is the golden path. Leading from the heart will open the portal to your true power and divine destiny. 

You will live from your highest potential and bless the world around you.

You will inspire others to lead from a divine state of truth and you will celebrate "who you truly are“.


A Queen is only a real Queen when she is awakened in her true Spirituality, when she is leading without ego and free from the desire to own power. True power is the Light within and the knowing that you can create everything with it. As this light is out of Gold and it is out of true abundance. She is fearless and strong through the embodiment of the Goddess. This Gold leads you towards your inner Eden, from here you create from your soul and your womb. We will lead you in this retreat on how to step into your highest potential and how to lead with heart and divine strategy your Queendom of Gold.


The Sanctuary of Ibiza:

We will gather this time in Ibiza, in a beautiful villa in Beniraz, close to the beach in the hills. You will be sharing this wonderful sanctuary with pool and private cook with other Queens who have the vision to be a world shifter and a magician of light. Here you can connect with an international sisterhood of beautiful women. The sisterhood is always a great gift that can be shared, exchanged also after the retreat for beautiful co-creations or projects. 


Ibiza is the most beautiful place to invoke the power of the Goddess Queen within a woman, as it has its own Goddess. Her name is "Tanit" and she comes from the lineage of the Goddesses Isis and Ishtar. Since 1000 of years women are coming here to give birth to their babies and receive the blessing of the goddess Tanit of birth and rebirth. Ibiza is also a sanctuary for transformation, healing, ascension and divine embodiment. It is a multidimensional portal from Atlantis, it has many amazing portals into higher angelic realms. This island of the Goddess is truly of wealth and gold. The energy of the nature is impressive, magical and pure. We have the most beautiful crystal clear waters of healing. Every mermaid feels at home here ;-) It is my home base since many years.


This magical island is located on an interesting ley line with Egypt. The beloved of the Goddess Tanit was an Egyptian God and they lived together in true sacred union. The connection between Egypt and Ibiza plays an important role in our training. Egypt is a strong transmitter for this spiritual Queen initiation. Isis was worshipped on this island too and had several temples. The goddess Isis initiated 'the Queens' in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra was a pharaoh queen, she was a full devotee and embodiment of Isis. Her spirit will also be with us in this training in order to lead you into a truly royal frequency on earth.


I am a channel of Isis since 2014 and she supported me in many ways to empower myself. Isis is the mother of the Golden Civilization. She brings the divine plan into matter and infuses your creation with pure Gold.

We will mainly be guided by these 4 beautiful Goddesses:
Goddess Tanit - birth, rebirth and transformation 

Goddess Isis - feminine empowerment, leadership, fertility, magic of gold  

Goddess Hathor - cosmic mother of love and blessings 

Pharaoh Queen Cleopatra - Priestess Goddess Queen embodiment of abundance and prosperity


The Queen of Gold is you:

She is a woman who feels a strong calling to bring something truly great and beautiful into this world. She is spiritually guided by her higher self and bridges the worlds between spirit and matter. She is clear in what she wants and has learned the spiritual and practical tools of how to create and manifest from her divine self. She is open to face her inner world and transmute everything into the Light with her Priestess Self. She becomes an Alchemist of Gold as she is always focused on solutions. She turns everything that is unloved into Gold. She has learned how to translate the divine guidance of the Goddess to earth. She has faith and the true power to overcome all obstacles to stay in harmony and balance with herself. She has learned to love herself and honor her inner temple of love, knowing that she has been birthed out of the Goddess. She is dedicated to the light and truth of her soul and womb. She is a priestess who has learned to use her sacred magic of light. The Queen is initiated by the Goddess and she is in deep reference to her guidance. She is in the interest of the higher good of all. The Golden Queen Priestess is holding the golden pillar of light. She is ruling her Queendom through her spirit of divine union which creates abundance and prosperity. Gold unites heaven on earth and holds the Queen in the energy of the higher self. Gold is a frequency of abundance consciousness which brings unity, healing and creativity. The universe and the earth are full of golden abundance and this will be reflected in your life.


The Program:

This spiritual initiation is a training into the full empowerment of your soul and womb of light consciousness. We will connect the spiritual initiations with mentoring and guidance for your manifestation of gold! You will be experiencing deep soul journeys and meditations into the consciousness of gold. Here you can heal, reclaim and ascend all that is meant to be in full alignment with this frequency. You will be guided into body empowerment work and will be releasing old energies and attachments of the old self.

You will be going through several portals of gold to invoke the New World, your Queendom and the Golden Self! We will be guiding you on how to work with the Akashic Records and channel guidance from the Council of Light and the Goddess.

You will receive a golden template for your creation and we will be mentoring you how to manifest and live from this golden consciousness. The journey will be sealed with your crowning ceremony through the Goddess Isis.

Who is this program for?

This retreat is for all women who are ready to make the next step to embody their divinity in abundance.  It is a program to maintain your divine channel and radiate in a golden glow. To empower your spiritual gifts and ground them in a way that you feel safe in your body. It is for all women who feel the call to be a leader of their lives, a world shifter and a guide for others.


How can I unite spirit and matter and be successful?

How can I truly be myself and become a creatrix of the new earth?

How can I truly shift my life towards more success in harmony with the universe and Gaia?

How can I create a Queendom where I feel held, nurtured and blessed?


The Queen Codes are one of the higher empowerment frequencies for a human soul.  When you are ready to lead from a place of truth and become fearless.

They are opening many gateways to golden wisdom, health, well-being and prosperity. You become a ambassador for the Goddess.


The Call:

We are asked to step into a new Queendom of divine feminine leadership where we, the Queens, unite as healers, priestesses, magicians and mothers to support this beautiful planet. We, the Queens, are embodying the Goddess on earth as we are channeling the highest solution and the most powerful creation. We are free beings and our hearts are on the right place. We feel rich and wise and we trust ourselves. We are Lionesses protecting the earth, the Sisterhood and the children. Isis is calling forth the golden Queens of the Golden Age to unite with our golden wings and empower the divine feminine on earth. Your ancient and your future Queen version will come alive and she will open her secrets of love and light to us.

So be it.

Initiation - Light Conception- Cosmic Creation - Divine Embodiment Program:

  • Golden Isis Activation - Embodiment of the Golden Light

  • Initiations of the Golden Queen - Queen Codes of Abundance

  • Multidimensional astral soul journeys for healing and ascension

  • Akashic Record Readings - Divine Plan

  • Blue Print & Starlight Body Activation

  • Resurrection Ceremony & Baptism (Rebirth)

  • Teachings of the divine empowerment of the Queen

  • Teachings of Unity Consciousness

  • Teachings of the Golden Consciousness / Template of Creation

  • Daily meditation and sacred movement / dance

  • Womb of Creation 

  • Mentoring/coaching on divine feminine leadership

  • Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony for lucid dreaming

  • Divine Crowning Ceremony

  • Visit to energetic sites such as the sacred "Cave of Tanit" & the Atlantis portal "Es Vedra"



The retreat is open for women.

3600 EUR Full Price

3300 EUR until July 1.

Deposit of 800€ to safe your spot

We have space for 15 participants.


Accommodation & private cook with full day menu, light transmissions/ teachings & initiations.

Does not includes:

 Flights & shuttle service to the hotel.

We recommend being energetically and spiritually prepared for this magical journey. 

The rooms are all shared, but in different categories. For the larger rooms we have to add another amount. We have space in the villa for 14 Queens plus 1 glamping tent. 

Please contact us for more information.

Renting a car is necessary and can be shared with sisters.

If you have any question please contact Anjuna.

This training is a very exclusive journey. Please send your application as soon as possible and save your spot! We would love to receive a short text about your golden mission on earth and your spiritual background.


I send you all my divine love, Anjuna & the Council of Starlight.

Terms & Conditions


The Accommodation

The Villa is based in the serene North of Ibiza in Benirras. When you enter the gate, palm trees, bougainvillea, and fruit trees give you a Mediterranean welcome.

With traditional characteristics such as wooden ceilings, the Casa is a typical finca with a serene atmosphere. The house is nothing like others, unique in its own charming way. With a touch of Bali, Ibiza, and Morocco, the house describes best as bohemian and serene.

A place that feels immediately like home. Where you can rest, recharge and reload. Surrounded by lush land in fifty shades of green, there are many places for coming together or finding desired solitude. From hanging chairs, and hammocks to benches.

foto credit Denise by Visual Ibiza.jpg
credit Denise by Visual Ibiza.jpg


To register, please apply with your deepest call and desire for this journey to the following e-mail:

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