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The Magdalene Priestess Codes *
The Cosmic Rose Pilgrim

The Path of the Goddess Retreat, South of France

for woman 


Rennes-le-Château/Bugarach | September 02 - 06, 2022

Sacred Land Ceremonies with Mary Magdalene, Sara Tamar & Goddess Ishtar & Isis

Dear hearts,

we are so delighted to announce our beautiful sacred gathering in the land of Mary Magdalene in South of France, in Rennes-le-Château and Bugarach.


This holy land is full of secrets and beautiful energy of the divine feminine and the path of the Goddess.

Mary-Magdalena lived many years with her daughter Sarah on this land and worshipped Isis and Ishtar. Together with Mother Mary, she came all the way from Jerusalem to begin a new life.

She was teaching in many places in Europe and created the secret community of the White Sisterhood. Her teachings were all about the red and the white path of the goddess, which involves the higher consciousness awakening of the soul, healing abilities and the embodiment of the divine feminine powers.


South of France was one of the powerful places were she lived for many years. This land is hold by a rose crystal dragon who supported her in many ways to anchor her light.

It is also the land of the holy grail and the Cathar knights, which came with her from Jerusalem to protect her and the Christ Grail. We will walk again her path and collect her wisdom through the land and through her spirit as our ancestors and ascended master.


Last year we had a powerful activation in order to bring back the holy grail wisdom and to open the gateway for the new christ consciousness. This year we are called to return back and to gather as community in different places in the nature in order to worship the divine feminine within and without. The rose Grail will lead us and bless us in many ways.

We will create beautiful crystal rose codes ceremonies in the hidden cave of Mary Magdalene, and powerful activations through Goddess Isis, who was  worshipped on this sacred land.

You will receive water blessings in the wonderful sacred well of union and will contact with the secrets of her spirit.


This gathering is for everyone who feels the call to dive deeper into the essence of the divine feminine and has a warm connection to the rose linage.


In this 5 intense retreat days, you will receive many powerful codes of the Magdalene Consciousness, Sarah Light Healing and Goddess Embodiment energies and teachings.

Goddess Ishtar and Isis will bless you with many new insights about your soul path and your divine purpose.

The rose crystal Grail will reveal its secrets to you and will offer you a totally new perspective of your being. Your feminine goddess essence can be experienced in the most powerful way and you will blossom into the the cosmic rose of all feminine.

We will gather as a beautiful sisterhood in beauty and harmony and will dance under the stars.



Day 1 - 02.09

Opening Portal Ceremony / Rennes-le-Château, Garden and Rose Temple Place

Day 2 - 03.09.

Mary Magdalene Cave / secret walk - Crystal Rose Codes Transmission


Day 3 - 04.09

Isis Throne - Initiations - Rennes le Bain / Hot spring and River Dance


Day 4 - 05.09.

Fountain of the Loves - Baptism Ceremony & Sacred Marriage


Day 5 - 06.09.

Manifestations of the Rose Grail Consciousness & The Path Of the Goddess - Rose Temple Place

South of France_Cosmic RoseVisual_V8.jpg


This retreat offers live ceremonies each days.

Accommodation and food has to be organised by yourself.

Please bring water and snacks.

Looking forward to have a magical time,

With all my love,

Anjuna Innana Sara

700 EUR  Full Price


  All light transmission / teachings 

Does not includes:

Food & Accommodation 

Flights, shuttle service to the hotel, PCR Test

Corona Situation:

You will be updated about any changes and new restrictions.

At the moment you only need a Covid Test or vaccination to enter France from any
European country. Please check with your embassy of your own country,
if you come from overseas.

Can you feel the call?

Book now to save your spot!

End of registration 20.08.2022!

If you have any question please contact Anjuna Innana Sara.

We will provide you with a list of places to stay and connect you with each others to organise the car sharing. 

Terms & Conditions

South of France_Cosmic RoseVisual_V8.jpg


To register, please send an email to Anjuna and answer the following questions:

What is calling you to join this journey with Mary Magdalene? What is your relationship with her? What would you like to experience? 

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