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High Priestess of the Soul *
Advanced Spiritual Training

Initiation into the temple arts of healing, channeling and magic

for woman 


Ibiza | October 14 - 22, 2022

spiritual soul reading* energetic healing* ascension codes* starlight channeling* light code transmissions* light language* sound healing* temple arts*

Beloved Souls,

I am delighted to open another star gate for the next "High Priestess Training" in Ibiza on my sacred land in my Golden Temple of Light in Valverde. This time we will be harmoniously guided with powerful Masters of the Universe to create a beautiful Star Alliance for the "High Priestess of the Soul" mission on Earth.


Do you hear the calling of your soul to discover your multidimensional essence and step into greater service as a High Priestess to anchor more light?


This training is calling all sisters who love to stay in the light of divine love, divine truth and divine power. The path of the Goddess is the calling to fulfill her divine purpose of bringing back the divine feminine essence of love and truth and expressing herself from a higher divine consciousness.


We will open the gateways to the higher realms of the Goddess and the Masters of our universe to bring the light for the higher consciousness of the divine soul into this world.


We will open to the teachings of Sirius, Venus, Pleiadians and Acturians and connect with the great masters of healing, ascension and creation to help our planet rise in love.

Our guides will be the Goddess Isis, Ishtar, Hathor, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Lady Sarah, Jesus Sananda and Lady Nada. We will open to the mystery of the Archangels and the beauty and blessings of the Divine Mother herself, Sophia, the Christ. 


In this training you will receive many initiations into the mystery of the Goddess and her Angels. The teachings will upgrade your consciousness and give you access to your divine healing powers as a High Priestess. You will sit in sacred ceremonies to receive the codes of creation and invitation to the Goddess Council of the of Light. After the high initiation into the Council of the High Priestess of the Soul, we will teach you all the tools to navigate with these powers and be in the service of the Light of the Soul. You will practice healing hands, channeling, light transmissions, sound healing and starlight code activations with your sisters during these 9 days.  The essence of your soul will shine in its most beautiful, radiant golden light of wisdom and divine beauty and you will remember who you are and who you have always been. The training will give you a deeper understanding of your soul's treasures and more wisdom on how to hold space for your own transmissions or for others. Here you will gain higher skills for your own deeper spiritual awakening and expansion, strengthen your abilities as a spiritual coach and healer, or as a facilitator for healing and ascension ceremonies.


The High Priestess of the Soul Training is for those who feel the call to meet their celestial expression to serve the Light on Earth and in the Universe. The training will help you reconnect with your divine truth and develop the confidence to share that truth with the world. You will liberate your soul and experience your infinite potential.
You will become a healing artist expressing your divine individuality for the highest good of all souls. This course gives you the opportunity to strengthen your channel and dive deep into your cosmic universe soul, in alignment with the star being of our universe.

The program will be filled with this magic:

* Initiation into the mysteries of the Golden Christ Light of the Goddess Isis -
How to create magic.

* Initiation into the Rose Lineage with Mary Magdalene, Jesus Sanada & Lady Sarah - Healing Power Tools & Ascension Teachings.

* Initiation into the Temple Arts of the Goddess Ishtar and Hathor -
Light Speech, Sound Healing & Cosmic Healing Dance.

* Channeling the Akashic Records and Messages of the Goddess.

*Healing of Mother Earth - Crystal Grid & Light Pillar Activation.

*Spiritual Soul Activation - Star Blueprint Wisdom.

*Your Mission as Keeper of the Golden Code of the New Earth.

It is a full day program that includes some visits to the sacred sites of the magical island of Ibiza. We will hold ceremonies in powerful places to honor Gaia and the Goddess of Love and Creation. In Ibiza, the fertility goddess Tanit is worshipped and will support us in our beautiful ascension and creation. We will also always have space for beautiful sisterhood, swimming and sunbathing.


Ibiza is a multidimensional portal that offers us a great opportunity to open up to more divine expansion and embody divinity. The earth is red and has a magical power to create all that you are called to birth.


Feel the magic of this island to support your High Priestess powers and join this beautiful adventure to the stars and back.

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Cosmic Star Family_Einzeln3


The world needs the unity of the Lightworkers more than ever, and we are called to activate the powerful angelic Rainbow Lightbody to transmit the Light of Source to this planet and beyond. Our future is about "Union" and reconnection with Source, bringing spirit and matter together, and building community for the highest good of all. Infusing matter with angelic presence to manifest heaven on earth is our collective soul calling! This course offers a deeper awakening of soul calling to support the collective ascension into the new light consciousness of COSMIC HUMANITY.

3300 EUR  Full Price

2800 EUR until September 06.

Golden Community Discount of 300 EUR 
for those who already participate any training.

Deposit of 800€ to safe your spot

A payment plan is available if needed.

Places are limited to 15 people.


 All initiations, teachings and all light transmissions.

A certificate for spiritual and energetic healing and a magical manuscript with all the teachings and tools for your path as a High Priestess of the Soul.

We offer a beautiful temple space for the training with all comforts plus delicious vegan food once a day. This training does not provide accommodation or transportation.
We are happy to help you find your own unique place to stay if you wish.

It is important to rent a car at the airport. Since we are in the "off season" everything
will be easily available and cheaper.

Previous experience with energetic and spiritual work is required
as it is an advanced training. 

Please send an application directly to Anjuna via the form below and briefly describe your experience and motivation for this training.

Can you feel the call?

Book now to save your spot!


End of registration 30.09.22

If you have any question please contact Anjuna.

Please check online of the government page of Spain about the Corona measures

I look forward to meeting you among the stars, beloved sister.

I send you blessings upon blessings, all my love Anjuna Ma Sara

Terms & Conditions

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Please fill out the registration form below and take your time to answer the four questions about your spiritual practice. After your request has been reviewed, you will receive an email with the details on how to proceed with the registration process.

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Thank you.

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