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Intergalactic Masterclass / Training
The Avatar of Light – *Module 2

Multidimensional Activation & Creation
20 February - 20 March 2022  

Dear Star Brothers and Sisters,

I am pleased to officially announce a new episode of the next Intergalactic Master Class, an initiation into the Avatar of Light. This is a powerful ascension work which will assist your soul to expand into the new Christ Consciousness.


The world needs the unity of light workers more than ever before and we are called to activate the powerful angelic rainbow light body to transmit the light of Source to this planet and beyond. The 2. module offers you a deeper Soul Star awakening and gives you the opportunity to create from a multidimensional consciousness with the star beings and the Council of Light.


We are happy to open new gateways of creative power for your own spiritual growth and for greater co-creation with other beautiful souls. Our future is about "Union" and reconnection with Source, bringing spirit and matter together, and building community for the highest good of all. Infusing matter with angelic presence to manifest heaven on earth is our collective soul calling! This course offers a deeper awakening of soul purpose to assist the collective rising into the new light consciousness of TRANS-HUMANITY or COSMIC - HUMANITY.

It is time to connect deeply with the cosmos, with your soul star family in order to remember your unique light and essence and to activate your divine plan and multidimensional healing powers. We are delighted to realign you with your starlight essence of your eternal soul in collaboration with the Galactic Council of Light and the Ascended Masters of our Galaxy. I welcome you to my white cosmic Cobra spaceship, ready to fly high and to merge with the stars. This course is a very special one and for those who have a deep calling to support the mission of bringing heaven to earth and manifesting the golden Eden in this world.


Jesus Sananda and & the Council of Light called me to open the golden crystal consciousness of the new earth for you and I am happy to announce my second 4-week online course where we will meet 2x a week for 3-4 hours over 6 dates to discover your Starseed Essence. Here you will find your role in the universe to anchor more light in this world and beyond. You feel called to ascend to a higher being of universal consciousness, to assist your planet in its rising and to become a new earth leader of golden light consciousness?

Do you hear the calling of your soul to discover your multidimensional essence? This journey will connect you more deeply with the star beings of our universe to receive stronger divine guidance, experience multidimensional healing and have more access to spiritual teachings. Do you long to strengthen your healing powers and express yourself through light languages, creation power and light code transmission?


This course gives you the opportunity to strengthen your channel and dive deep into your cosmic universe soul, in alignment with the star being of our universe. Have you always felt that there is more for you to do than follow your personal growth and desire, that there is a greater purpose to fulfill, a divine mission?


We will work intensively with many different star beings of light to expand into our eternal light consciousness of our true essence. You will learn how to channel and integrate the new Aquarian codes and technologies for your sacred life as a fully awakened being in divine abundance. As these light codes are received on Earth and integrated into the higher levels of consciousness, they will assist you in manifesting the New Earth.  It will be easier for you to find creative solutions and high frequency answers to any problems that may arise in your life or environment.  


This will be achieved because you will have integrated the Golden Light of Christ Consciousness and will be able to balance all aspects of your Self in that Light. In this course I will guide and support you to fully align with your soul purpose in co-creation with the stars and Gaia. I will also assist you as a soul mentor to integrate and manifest this energy into your new earthly reality so that you can walk your new soul path with universal rainbow rays.


Our galactic star team are the Venusians, Sirens, Pleiadians, Santiner (Lord Ashtar Sheran and the Galactic Federation), Arcturians, Andromedas, Jesus Sananda, Mary Magdalene, Saint Germain, Babaji, Melchizedek, the Eloims (Angels of Creation) and many more ….

The request of the Galactic Council:

• remember where you came from and your mission.

• open your channel to align with your higher timelines and your divine blueprint (divine bloodline) 

• co- create with the star beings of light to heal, to ascend and to be a divine messenger 

• to create from a place of higher love and wisdom

• to give birth to heaven on earth. 

• to activate your soul fire to bring this service into the world

• expansion into a higher universal wisdom 

Cosmic Star Family_Einzeln5.jpg


Healing / Activation / Empowerment 


*Soul Fire Activation

*Soul Healing

*Galactic Karma Healing

*Reactivation of your star blueprint

*Reconnection with your soul-star family 

*Your mission/role on earth and in the universe

*Reclaiming your spiritual power and alignment with Source

*Opening your divine channel/tools on how to create a safe space
to download the messages of the star beings of Light

*Working with the power rays of the universe

*Light language and activation of your healing powers

*Connecting with new teachings/technologies for human consciousness 

*Integration and creation 

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Cosmic Star Family_Einzeln11
Cosmic Star Family_Einzeln6
Cosmic Star Family_Einzeln8
Cosmic Star Family_Einzeln4
Cosmic Star Family10.jpg
Cosmic Star Family_Einzeln7.jpg


The retreat is open to both women and men.


Start: 20.02.22

End: 20.03.22

Dates: 20.02.22 / 26.02.22 / 
long weekend  06.03.22 / 12.03.22 / 19.03.22 / 20

4 hours session

Beginning at 12.00 CET

Every weekend we meet online in the golden community of light to receive the healing, teachings, download and guidance from the stars. On Monday you receive a channeled mediation / activation which will support you during the week. 1x week you will have a group work about 2 hours with a partner. You choose your date for that. It is time to co-create and bring the light to earth and into matter. This course will focus on channeling the divine codes precisely and giving you the space to birth and create through creative homework and group co-creation. There will be a divine presentation at the end of the course. 

We are also looking forward to provide module 3. 
More information will follow soon.


If you can't be there live, you can work with the recording. But please try to make it possible, as it is more powerful for all of us to be present in the group.


Please prepare for the course a few weeks ago by eating a vegan diet and not consuming alcohol or other substances, plant medicine or other drugs. Please do your daily meditation/yoga and prepare your mind and body for the higher frequency to be received. This course can be integrated into your daily life, but please take some rest between if possible.

990 EUR  Full Price

Gift: 880 EUR for the Golden Community 

This course has to be booked by 15 people to take place.

You are loved and seen for who you are, and we are waiting for you to connect with us!

Join me on a sacred journey to create your own paradise within and outside to support the collective rise of consciousness.


With infinite love and galactic blessings,

 Your Anjuna & the Galactic Council of Light

Can you feel the call?

Limited spaces!

Book now to safe your spot!

End of registration 22.01.22!

If you have any question please contact Anjuna.

Terms & Conditions

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As this is a master class, we would like to know some details about you. Please get in touch with us to receive our form including few questions for your registration.

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