Goddess Rising

Retreat Bali

 Spiritual Healing & Awakening through Goddess Isis and Mary Magdalene 

The Return to the Golden Temples 


Holy Trinity Awakening in Ubud - Bali 

April 13–18, 2020 - CANCELLED!

I bless you dear sister of light and welcome you to a deep soul journey of spiritual healing and awakening into your inner golden temple, where you will meet your Inner Goddess. The essence of this 5-day intensive retreat is healing, empowerment, and divine creation for the new earth dream. 

You will receive healing codes of the Rose Linage from the Light Priestess and Healer Mary Magdalena and divine powers through the Sirian Goddess Isis. Through sacred temple arts and light initiations you will connect deeply with your sacred femininity and the creation powers of your beautiful womb. You will open for your the sacred golden rose garden that lives in your One Loving Heart. Your Inner Goddess will appear in all your beauty and bless your path. The Divine Mother will guide you on this journey by the presence of these three divine Goddesses and by the presence of angelic powers.


The magical year 2020 is the opening of the Golden Age of abundance, beauty, self empowerment and divine creation. It's time for you to receive the golden light codes for your goddess empowerment in order to server your truth, your soul, your purpose on earth. It's time to rekindle the light on all levels of your being. It's time to embrace the essence of your soul and your sacred feminine.

Your inner goddess is calling you to express yourself in all your beauty and healing powers. If you feel the call to serve as a light priestess and healer on earth in order to rise the energy of yourself and the collective, then join me, dear sister, in the sacred space of sisterhood. 


When you return to the golden temples of sisterhood, your soul and body remember the light und the beauty you are made of. The golden snake of creation awakes and activates you deeply into you Star Light Body of abundance. Angelic guidance helps you to rise your consciousness into a higher vibration. From this space you can develop your spiritual gifts and abilities, like clairvoyance, channeling and creation power. 


Arrival day: April 13

  • 16–20h: Opening of the sacred sisterhood circle


Retreat days: April 14–17

  • 10–13h: Sacred Soul & Body work 

  • 13–15h: Lunch break and swimming, relaxing, sisterhood

  • 15–18h: Sacred Healing Circles & Initiations


Departure day: April 18



  • Healing of old wounds of the feminine

  • Activation of divine powers through Goddess Isis and Mary Magdalena 

  • Water Blessings & Anointing with Rose Oil

  • Channeling of light codes

  • Activation of magical sexuality

  • Angelic Healing 

  • Golden Creation / Vision

  • Divine Manifestation of your Goddess


  • Sacred Soul & Body Work  

  • Sacred Soul Healing Circles

  • Rituals & Orakel Ceremony

  • Soul Writing / Channeling

  • Sound Healing

  • Light Language


The retreat will take place in Ubud in a beautiful villa. The villa is set within the beautiful rice fields of Ubud, an amazing holy place full of flowers and creation energy. It is close to the jungle and the river. We will spend our days at the beautiful pool and garden and hold our ceremonies at the yoga shala.


The villa can host 3 people. The retreat in total can host 13 people, with an option to book separate accommodation. 


Course fee: 880 EUR 

All teachings and lunch are included in the course fee. Breakfast and dinner are at own expense.

The retreat can host 13 women.


Accommodation Option 1 

In the retreat villa: 1 double room - 85€ / night pp and 1 single room - 150€ / night pp


Accommodation Option 2
Additional rooms in the retreat center are subject to availability and can be booked individually. There are a lot of other options for accommodation in the area as well.

Travel expenses to and from Bali are in addition to this price.

Please send a booking request via the form below. A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot.

Terms & Conditions